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If you are an avid coffee drinker, then this might just be the post for you. Coffee is one of the most popular sources of caffeine in the world. So many different and delicious combinations of coffee are available at every coffee shop corner. Whether you like it sweet or bitter, hot or cold, watered-down or with cream, there is a never-ending chain of options. Despite the numerous different options of coffee available at every stop, there are some varieties that are not so easily available. This is because they are difficult to find in your area or that if they are among the most in-demand coffees in the world. 

Well, no matter how many different kinds of coffees you may have tasted, the coffees that you will not find at an average coffee house would be the top 5 most expensive coffees in the world. Ido Fishman sheds light on what makes these coffees so expensive and how do they differ from the usual coffee beans. 

World’s Most Expensive Coffees

The Black Ivory 

The black ivory is one of the world’s most expensive coffees selling at a rate of more than $1500 per pound. Fishman explains that this coffee is so expensive because of the low rate at which it is produced each year. Furthermore, only one company based in Thailand supports the production of this unique coffee. So, what makes this coffee so special?

The black ivory coffee beans are extracted from elephant dung. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. The elephants are fed special Arabica cherries that pass through their digestive system. The proteins of the coffee beans are broken down in the stomach and passed out. These seeds are collected from the dung and processed into coffee beans. However, most of the seeds get broken down completely during digestion so a batch of very few beans is collected every day. 

Despite the bizarre farming ways of this coffee, what’s more unusual is that this coffee is not bitter at all. Instead, the taste contains hints of chocolate, malt, spice, and a touch of grass. The unique taste of this coffee and the slow rate at which it is farmed makes it one of the most sought-after coffee types in the world. A cup of black ivory coffee will give you an experience like no other.

Kopi Luwak

Next on the list is the Kopi Luwak which is similar to the black ivory in that they are both extracted from animal feces. The Kopi Luwak coffee is also called the civet coffee because instead of elephants, the coffee beans are collected from the excretions of Asian Palm Civet, which is a feline breed found in Indonesia. The collection method and the rate of farming of the Kopi Luwak are just slightly higher than the black ivory. 

Ever since it made an appearance in the market, the Kopi Luwak is mentioned in every list of most expensive coffees around the world. You may think that this coffee is disgusting, however, you should know that the collected seeds are processed and any bacteria present in them are killed. So it is safe for consumption. Most drinkers of this coffee describe its taste as somewhat earthy, but smooth like caramel with a dash of chocolate and mint. 

Finca El Injerto

This coffee is named after the farm it is harvested in. It is made from the rare Gesha bean that is rich and small. El Injerto is a family-owned farm in Guatemala that is considered to be a perfect spot for coffee plantations. The coffee plantation is around 2000 meters above sea levels and is surrounded by rainforest and is free of volcanic-soil. This makes the location ideal for different kinds of coffee growth.  

The coffee beans are washed in a single channel and are crushed twice to get the optimum flavor. Grown in an optimum climate and cleaned and roasted with special care, the Finca El Injerto is a choice that many coffee aficionados favor around the world. The unique and rich taste of these coffee grounds gives it a rate as high as $500 per pound!

Hacienda La Esmeralda

The Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee is made from the Geisha beans that are farmed at an amazing 1.5 thousand meters above sea levels. Perhaps it is the taste of the Geisha beans, or it is the unusual high ground that it is planted at, but the coffee made from the grounds of these Geisha beans leaves a lasting impression. 

This coffee has a pronounced flavor which many describe as citrusy yet chocolatey and has a multi-aromatic scent. Ido Fishman explains that this coffee is sold at such a high price because of the special conditions that it grows in which give it its unparalleled taste. Just one cup of coffee from the Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee grounds will be enough to last an impression on even the most indulgent coffee connoisseurs.  

Saint Helena Coffee

This coffee was a personal favorite of the French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. It is grown on Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The transportation cost of this coffee is one of the main reasons for its high cost. However, experts say that the wonderful aroma and the taste of the coffee also aid in the increased cost of these grounds.

Being one of the most remote places on earth, this island has an extremely pure environment which gives the coffee its amazing fragrance and pleasant hints of floral, fruity, and caramel in the taste. One of the most notable features about these coffee grounds is that they leave no bitter or off aftertaste in the mouth. 


So, which of these world’s most expensive coffees are you most curious to try out? Ido Fishman assures that your experience with each of these coffee grounds will be pleasant and unforgettable. The taste, aroma, and texture of all the above-mentioned coffees vary greatly. Since they are so expensive most coffee lovers cannot experience the luxury of having them as an everyday beverage. However, just one cup of these powerfully flavored coffees is enough to last you a lifetime.