Now don't be frightened off by the word “spiritual.” We don't mean you’ll have to spend every Sunday morning in the church if you don't want to!

There are many things in life that can lead you to want to explore the concept of spiritual wellness. Perhaps you’re going through life feeling like something is missing, but you can't quite put your finger on what it is. Maybe you’ve had a trauma or tragedy, and you feel you need some help getting your feet back on solid ground. Perhaps you think that you need to work on yourself and want a holistic way to do that. 

Finding out more about your spiritual wellness and what it means for you and your life can help you in many things, including unlocking your potential to be your best possible self!  Your spiritual wellness can be kickstarted by anything from exploring meditation destinations to starting a yoga practice. It can help you awaken your healing ability and your ability to create beauty wherever you go. If you’re on a path to improving your spiritual wellness and unlocking the creativity that lies within you, read on for our helpful hints.


Image by Kevin Malik via Pexels


Firstly: What Is Spiritual Wellness?

When you are spiritually well, you are in a state of being in which you find real, deep meaning in your life and existence on this planet. You are able to interpret your spiritual needs and find the most productive and fulfilling ways to fulfill them. Though spirituality does not require that you attend church or are part of any specific denomination, it does require that you accept the existence of the spiritual realm (in whatever way that makes sense to you) and a higher power (whatever you believe this to be) and can plug into that “something bigger” that brings meaning to your life.

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How Do I Achieve Spiritual Wellness?

There are many, many ways to achieve a state of spiritual wellness, and they will vary from person to person and belief to belief. We do have some basic guidelines that might help you out if you’re struggling a bit:


  1. Find and Connect With Your Faith Community. Now remember, this doesn't have to mean church if you don't want it to! Being around and connecting with people who feel the same way you do about spirituality can strengthen your beliefs and understanding.
  2. Meditate. Many people are still under the impression that you may only practice meditation if you follow certain beliefs, but this is not true! Meditation is a mindful practice that gives you quiet space and time to connect with yourself and disconnect from all the craziness in the world around you.
  3. Spend time in nature. Getting away from daily life and into nature, which is really a human being’s natural habitat, can ease your stress and uncloud your mind, which gives you better access to a spiritual connection.
  4. Express gratitude every day. Nothing is more grounding and humbling than gratitude! If you find a gratitude practice, be it a journal or sharing your gratitude on social media, you can reflect on the positives in your life even when you’re having a hard time. This perspective enables you to see everything clearly and without self-pity.


How Is Spiritual Wellness Key to Creativity?

Your creative energy comes from a place deep within you, somewhere that is innate to your being. Yes, you can train yourself and hone your creative gifts, but you cannot alter the essential creativity that lives in all of us. Sometimes, like a blue sky clouded over by a storm rolling in, our creativity is clouded by things that bother us or make us sad or angry. If we are on a path to spiritual wellness, we are on a path to understanding our feelings and triggers and what lies behind them. With understanding, we can deal with spiritual or emotional issues that might drain our creative energy and re-awaken creativity that may be lying dormant. Some people say that creatives who suffer create their best work during those times, but we believe that wellness and happiness are essential to the creative process. When your spiritual health is on track, so is your path to understanding and discovering your creativity.

Image by Lucas Pezeta via Pexels


Wrap Up

If we are well and whole spiritually, emotionally and mentally we can be well and whole in all other aspects of our lives. If we are well within ourselves, things around us will be well to: as within, so without! We hope that your creative and spiritual wellness journey takes you to exciting places, so lucid dream, manifest, meditate and pray your way to wellness and creative fulfillment!