Imagine that you have gone through seven circles of hell, completed all the application forms and all kinds of tests. Now you are faced with the final task, and this is your admission essay. To be successful, you must do your last assignment perfectly.

Otherwise, your application procedure may not go according to plan.

But how do you write a stunning essay and impress all the admission officers? Surely you know that thousands of students have the same goal as you, and the stakes are very high. Do not be afraid of competition because you only need to follow the plan and not retreat at all costs. Here is a guide to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Read the Instructions

They say that fear has no form, but it is the most serious enemy for any person. Surely you are worried and afraid to take the first step. To begin with, you should read all the instructions and identify your targets. Remember that every college or university has certain criteria, and you should strictly adhere to them. For example, you must not exceed the word or paragraph limit. Also, you should adhere to the correct formatting or style. Fortunately, most educational institutions publish fairly clear instructions on their official websites.

You can even count on some "creative assignments." You may have to write not about your goals or achievements but the philosophy or ethics in modern society. Do not be surprised because admission officers want to see extraordinary students ready for new challenges. After all, you can always find good "philosophy essays examples" on the Internet and write your paper according to current trends. Perfectly completed samples are ideal for copying the structure of an assignment and borrowing some ideas. 

2. Start With a Compelling Introduction

A compelling intro is what you need to get noticed and appreciated. First of all, you should understand that you are just one of the thousands of potential students, and you need some hook. That is why you should abandon the classic writing techniques. A good anecdote, a funny story, a rhetorical question, or an entertaining fact will set the stage for an outstanding paper. Just 2-3 strong sentences are enough to stand out from the crowd. Show all your creative disposition and desire to reach the goal.

3. Use Your Inner Voice

First of all, all admission officers are looking for extraordinary individuals who can think regardless of public opinion or imposed judgments. That is why your inner voice is the best weapon to defeat boring and repetitive paragraphs. Show that you think outside the box and have an independent opinion about certain aspects of life.

4. Avoid Clichés

Many young people try to find a recipe for the perfect essay and often copy successful thoughts or sentences from some paper samples. But is the game worth the candle, and what are the consequences of such decisions? Any admission officer will negatively take your decision to copy someone's thoughts and judgments. Beware of this strategy and try to be original. Do not use those narratives and theses that are widely shared among students.

5. Give Good Examples to Support Your Ideas

Think of your assignment as a challenge and an opportunity to show what's on your mind. The fact is that representatives of any educational institution are interested in selecting talented students who can state facts and argue any point of view. That is why it is not enough to say that the sky is blue and the water is wet. Describe why people are faced with such a worldview and what processes are behind it all. In other words, all your ideas and statements need facts and a detailed description with further confirmation of your position.

6. Stick To a Clear Essay Plan

Do not forget that creativity is what is valued in any educational institution. At the same time, you should have a clear plan since your paper is a test of how detailed you are ready to follow all the instructions. That is why you should plan and even write down a couple of introductory sentences for each paragraph to structure each part and not forget important information.

7. Ask Someone to Proofread Your Work

It is unlikely that you will deny that all people are prone to make mistakes. Let's say you were in a hurry and wrote each paragraph in just 2-5 minutes. There is nothing wrong with meeting the deadline, but you should not forget possible grammar and spelling mistakes. Read each sentence at least once and ask one of your friends to do the same. This trick will help you avoid most of the mistakes and inaccuracies.

Final Words

Now you know all the key steps to achieve the desired result. Surely it will be easier for you to cope with stress and not forget about details. Write every sentence and try to be honest. Surely you will cope with your assignment and achieve your desired goals. All you need is patience and at least a couple of days to stand out from the crowd.