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Sensitive skin is caused by irritation to the top layer of the epidermis, otherwise known as the first of the five layers of our skin. Irritation can occur for a number of different reasons including tough weather conditions, harsh products and a predisposition to conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

If you are one of the many who experience irritation regularly, it can feel like a struggle to find the right skincare for sensitive skin. Sond sensitive skincare products provide the latest in alkaline skincare technology to create skincare products to comfort and ease skin sensitivity whilst strengthening the skin against flare ups in the future.

Organic skincare from Sond uses a range of products to target the dryness, itching and distressing redness that sensitive skin can cause. Their Clean Slate Cream Cleanser purifies and calms the skin without stripping any of its vital moisturize or disrupting the important top layer shield against harmful, blemish causing bacteria. Gentle enough for acne and eczema prone skin, this cleanser gives a fresh start for your skin every day. The Sidekick Day Cream is your skin's new best friend, providing a deeply hydrating cream that won't block pores or cause irritation. Using the latest in alkaline skin research, this day cream helps to balance the pH of your skin. The top skin layer is naturally acidic, requiring an moisturizer that is alkaline in order to keep the skin in balance and keep the pH low. Skin is happiest when its cells are turning over regularly and gently and a low pH environment is the perfect way to keep your skin looking clear and smooth. Good skin is not just about topical creams and Sond's Jump Start Silica supplements can be just the boost your skin needs to help with collagen production and increased radiance. 

Night time skincare products can often be high in pH, common culprits of causing break outs and disturbing the natural mantle of the skin. Using Sond's Midnight Feast Night Cream helps to repair cells from deep within the skin's layers and its low pH means no stripping or stinging. Using its specialist alkaline silica salt complex, this wonder cream can soothe and replenish even the most irritated skin. Using alkaline products every day as part of your skin care routine can help to strengthen skin deep down from the inside out and allow for scars and redness to lessen over time. If you are looking to see a big difference in your skin, Sond skincare could be the answer.