Olympiads are one of the best exams conducted at both national and international levels aiming to test the scientific aptitude of the participants. These are conducted for all students ranging from classes 1 to 10. Students from various schools and different boards are allowed to take part in this examination. The syllabus is the same as prescribed by school boards, thus the Olympiads act as additional practice on the same topics which are taught to the students in the schools. The exam is usually conducted in 2 levels using the format of the multiple-choice questions. All the Students are given four options out of which they are asked to select the one correct option, the other three options being the distractors. The most vitally important factor to succeed and score well in this exam is preparing for all the topics.

If you wonder about the best strategy to prepare for the Math Olympiad this article will surely help you. There are certain tips and approaches to do your best and crack the Math Olympiad. First of all, understanding the syllabus is crucial, other steps include practising different kinds of questions, practising previous year sample papers, revising concepts as much as possible, understanding the pattern of the exam, and the type of questions with varying levels of difficulty. Apart from these steps some passive steps don't seem important but affect the preparation. They are asking for help, getting familiar with the pattern, managing your schedule well, staying motivated, and making deliberate efforts to practice for the examination. 

It is vital to have an understanding of why one should prepare for Olympiads. Especially in the Math Olympiads the types of questions formed are vast. Giving and practising for these types of exams build the foundation of your competitive career, other than curriculum in the future. SOF IMO Sample Papers is of crucial importance that one gives a strong foundation to their preparation. 

Here are a few things one need to know before you think of preparing are:

  1. Knowing the Examination Pattern: This can be done well by thoroughly going through the syllabus and getting familiarized with the kind of questions asked.
  2. Starting preparation early: Although it’s said that it’s never too late to start, it's a myth that starting preparation before a week of the exam will fetch you a good rank. One needs to start from basic NCERT books as they are basic lay the foundation of your knowledge. While one is going through a specific chapter, preparation of those notes is very important. This may help them to save time when they revise the chapter before the examination.

Math Exemplar books and other guide books are to be followed next. You need to keep an edge on the timing to not take any unnecessary pressure in the end days.

C) Doing Extensive Practice:

Practice will make you perfect and is always the ultimate key to scoring a good rank in Math Olympiads. Your Math Olympiad paper will be accompanied by some good level logical reasoning questions; thus you must do enough practise of these types of logical reasoning questions. The format of the questions in Olympiads will be multiple-choice questions (MCQs). So you need to do extensive practice for these multiple-choice questions.

D)  Make your proper study plan: 

The study plan made by you should be extensive and it is a must required for Olympiad preparation. It should be made keeping in mind the time left, syllabus, important topics, and last year’s papers, etc. A proper timetable and study plan will help you to devote time to each topic and subject in a proficient manner. It is critical that you stay motivated and adhere to your timetable for your Maths Olympiad. Nobody is perfect, but this is a positive step forward. Adjust your timetable if you need to catch up on any work that has piled up.

E) Prepare notes for quick revision: 

Because the Olympiad tests are somewhat based on the curriculum taught in the school, the students need to create notes and quick facts for each topic which is important and explained in the class. These facts will be of great use for future references and revisions when the exam date is near. 

F) The Internet Can Assist

If you use the internet wisely, it can be your best friend; you can find useful information on a variety of platforms, such as YouTube videos or websites that provide practise tests. The knowledge or techniques for solving difficult math problems can be the crux of your time savings.

G) Obtain the Opinion of a Teacher

Remember that, at the end of the day, your teachers are probably to be your best sources of information, as they have a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses from teaching you. Taking notes on your teacher's advice will significantly improve your performance during your Math Olympiad.

There are a few important tips to score high in the math Olympiad:

1. Stay Energized by Doing Planning beforehand: Before exams avoid heavy food and take healthy meals.

2. Stay positive: Don’t be in a hurry once you start solving the paper. Just spend 2-3 minutes going through the paper

3. Keep your Calm during the Exam: Mark the answers you are sure about in the OMR sheet provided to you. And take deep breaths when needed

4. Attempt the Questions in a smart manner: You need to understand that all the questions carry equal marks. Thus, spending too much time on one question may run you out of time in the end. So take your decisions smartly.

5. Taking online tests: These days studying online is the new normal. Taking online tests will help you to experience the real Olympiad platform and will also improve your speed for attempting the examination.