January is approaching and we’ll all be pleased to see the end of 2020, even if things don’t change dramatically overnight. A new year always brings with it the chance to make resolutions and look at how to make positive changes in our lives, so this is the perfect time to make plans to create a better 2021 for ourselves.

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Facing your problems

Before you can move forward, you might need to deal with any issues either caused or worsened by the stress of 2020. It’s been a dramatic time for most of us, and the emotions caused by the restrictions and the loss of our way of life have been compared by some, to those experienced during the grieving process. So, it’s no surprise this has left a high number of people struggling with their mental health and feelings of loss. That’s why it so important to talk to someone if this year has been difficult for you. Relief Seeker allows you to find the best online therapist to suit you.

Finding ways to move forward

Once you allow yourself to address and work through how you’re feeling, you can start to move on. In addition to seeking professional help, you should consider talking to family and friends. This is an unusual time, in which many people are going through the same feelings and might share similar concerns. So as a new year’s resolution, you could decide to make an effort to check in with family and friends more often. Creating a support network will help you and them.  

Making resolutions based on what you enjoyed doing in 2020 

The restrictions of 2020 caused a lot of us to find ways of filling the time, keeping in touch and generally coping with the new way of life. For some, this was following an online fitness plan, others preferred to spend time walking and enjoying the outdoors. Groups and meetings were moved to Zoom and other video apps. Some theater productions and music gigs were even broadcast live online instead of the usual venues we’re used to attending in person. Although nobody would have wished for the events of the past year, trying new things may have led to discovering we actually like some of these alternative ways of doing things. 

When making your new year’s resolution for 2021, you might want to do more of the things you enjoyed in 2020. That could be any of the things mentioned above, or something else, and of course, you could also make a bucket list of places to visit when you’re able. 

Thinking about what you’ve learned

If nothing else, 2020 forced people into trying new ways of working, socializing, making money (outside of official employment) and keeping fit. It highlighted what is important to us. Using what you’ve learned in 2020, you can make resolutions to make progress in different parts of your work or personal life. For example, if you tried something to make money and it didn’t quite work out, you could resolve to try something else, or think about how you could do things differently. That would then become one of your resolutions.

Diets and keep fitness regimes are a common resolution and they often fail in a matter of days. However, based on what you’ve found works for you, you have a head start and continue this into January and beyond. 

What can you change?

Resolutions are often about changes. So think about what you want to change, the barriers that might stop you or make this challenging and how you’ll overcome them. For some of us, this could be a lack of money. You can get around this by finding free ways to work out if your goal is to exercise more. Or if you want to train for a new career, you can look at free starter courses and voluntary work to get you started on your path.

If time is an issue, taking just ten minutes a day before work can add up over time. So if you want to get fit, perhaps walk to a further bus stop or spend ten minutes following a workout plan in the morning or evening. If you want to read more, take a book to read on the bus or train, or in your lunch break if you drive to work.

Whatever you want to achieve, money, time, health and anything else doesn’t have to a barrier. Planning your resolutions and how you achieve them will ensure you put 2020 behind you and move forward.