There is a moment in the life of every person when the question arrives “How do I make more money?” Or maybe “How do I gain more freedom?” It is not a secret that after the whole 2020 situation lots of people have grown used to working from home and having more flexible hours. Time’s up, people are getting back to the office, back to the commute through congested roads, early hours, and not very pleasant work conditions.

Now, if you find yourself in a place where you are working for less money than you want, with less free time than you need to stay sane, and doing something not all that exciting, there is good and great news. The good ones, in about a year you could be working in one of the best-remunerated markets of the modern world. The better news, you could be doing it from a small villa somewhere in Bali while sipping coconut milk and enjoying an ocean view!

Now those two paragraphs paint a very nice picture, maybe too nice to be even believable, but the truth is, a lot of programmers get to choose where and when to work. Once you become a good coder, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection to work, most employers do not care if you are in an office near Central Park or somewhere in the Bahamas. 

Old Occupations Are Dying, It Is Time to up Your Game!

As you may have noticed already, automation has taken over the world. A lot of the non-creative jobs are being taken over by machines, think of auto-check-outs at supermarkets or gas stations. Occupations that used to be lucrative have taken the back seat behind computer-savvy professionals who are writing the programs that move the world.

Think of the third Matrix movie (not the best in the trilogy but hear me out), there is that one scene when Neo meets “The Architect”, this almighty being, dressed all in white, who created the matrix. Funny analogy because the top-of-the-chain programmers are known as architects, the ones that write the programs that write other programs. A little bit of a tangent but how would you like to be that almighty being?

Of course, you would need at least 5-6 years of programming experience for that, but after five years in your current workplace, what would you be doing? Probably something that is not nearly as impressive and certainly not something that would get you a paycheck with as many zeros after the coma as being a top-programmer, think about it.

How Do I Know if I Can Make It? Programming Is Hard, Isn’t It?

In broad terms it really isn’t, writing code is just like any other skill, you need some practice, studies, and a taste for spending time in front of the screen. Most likely you are already spending tons of time in front of a screen at work and you have developed some skills related to what you do so, one could say, you are perfectly qualified to become a programmer!

There is a big misconception that learning computer skills is stressful and you need to know a lot of math and have a specific “Type of intelligence”. Having good analytical skills is certainly a plus but you do not need to know how to solve complex mathematical equations to write code. Coding is more like communicating with the computer, telling the system what you want it to do rather than “solving math problems”.

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about actually taking the first steps to that awesome life with freedom and a very high-paid job. 

Do not stress, take small steps and build up from there.

It can be petrifying to leave everything behind and go all-in into learning a new skill, getting a new job, and completely changing your life. The sole thought of that can make most men get the chills, so let’s not do that. You do not need to quit your job, take a loan and go back to University into a computer science program, I mean, If you want, more power to you, but there are easier ways to go about things.

Nowadays, it is extremely easy to find courses online that teach to code, you can download books about the different programming languages or just binge-watch lectures on youtube, it is all at the tip of your fingers. The only downside with that approach is that it lacks structure, without proper guidance it is very easy to get lost and become frustrated. 

If your organization skills are top-notch and have experience learning skills by yourself,you can do this, but getting some guidance will make for an easier, quicker, less stressful, and overall more successful experience.

The Ultimate Tool for Learning How to Code Without Stress

Having a well-structured study plan that breaks down the information for you in understandable chunks can make all the difference in the world. After all, “you do not know what you do not know”. Where to start? How to start? What comes after what? Opening dozens of pages on Chrome and trying to read through them will not get you very far, that is for sure. This is where https://codegym.cc comes in, I found this tool a while back and it literally changed my life.

Let me elaborate a little, a long time ago I realized how much programmers actually make, how valuable they are to the companies they work for, and the fact that they do not answer to the same nine-to-five rules other employees do, and I wanted a piece of that!

My first instinct was to search online. Things like “How to learn to write code” would only get me to pages where I could hardly understand even the titles. Very quickly I grew afraid of the whole thing thinking that I may not be the type for such stuff, you know, the smart type.

Nonetheless, I keep trying because I really wanted to be that guy with the very expensive car that shows up rarely at the office with the latest gadgets and a very nice tan. My next genius idea was to go to classes, I found a coding course, it was a long drive there, I had to go every evening, it was hard, stressful, and not really all that useful. There were lots of people in the “Introductory Class for Beginners” I went to, and most of them were not beginners in the slightest. 

The teachers move too fast from one theme to the next, I felt lost, dumb, and further discouraged. After a couple of months there I was pretty sure programming was not my thing, but boy was I wrong. 

A close friend of mine suggested CodeGym that worked just like the course I went to but it would move at my speed and I could “retake” classes as many times as I wanted with no extra charge, plus they have tons of games and exercises so I could learn quickly.

I thought to myself, it sounds too good to be true but I might as well try. After the first couple of lessons I was hooked, finally, I understood what that teacher in the Coding course was talking about. In CodeGym everything was written in simple terms anyone can understand, you go through the levels like in a game and learn little by little. After a couple of levels, I was already writing small programs and I could not believe my eyes when they started working.

But Really, How Do I Learn to Code Fast and Without the Stress?

The rest is history, CodeGym change my life, I was working full time while learning to code so it took me a little longer than usual, about a year and a half to complete the courses and get a job, but if you can allocate 2-3 hours a day for this course then you could be getting your first offers as a programer in 6 to 8 months from now.

If you have a full-time job then you just need two hours in the evening with your laptop, that is all it takes to learn to program and enter one of the best-remunerated markets in the world right now. The best part is, no pressure at all, if you have too much to do one day or just do not feel like studying, skip that day, the next lesson will be waiting for you when you are ready. Maybe your job was just brutal this week, you can lay back and enjoy yourself a glass of wine while reading relevant articles in the CodeGym blog section, you are relaxing while at the same time learning, it does not have to be like school where you are either taking the class or not. 

Having all that flexibility makes the experience very rewarding, you do not feel pushed to learn, but rather, inspired and happy to take the lessons and work with the practical exercises. That is how you learn without stress, you just take advantage of the site and enjoy the process of becoming an awesome specialist.