Many people think about how good it would be if they were constantly lucky. They are wondering how to become lucky and happy and always recognize the right signs. At first glance, what could be easier - you just need to listen to your intuition, always be open to everything new, and be able to abandon the familiar things. However, not everything is so simple. Today, we invite you to learn the psychological principles and scientific results confirming that luck is not a coincidence. Besides, we will provide you some tips on how to attract fortune into your life.

How to Create Your Luck?

Psychologist Richard Wiseman has studied luck for a long time. For 10 years, he was following over four hundred participants of different professions who considered themselves fortunate or losers. In one experiment, Wiseman asked them to count pics in a newspaper. The so-called “terrible losers” spent over two minutes on this task, while “lucky” ones required only a few seconds. The reason for such difference was the fact that on the second page, the scientist printed an ad in huge letters “Stop counting, there are 43 pics in the newspaper.” On the next page, there was another ad printed in big letters: “Stop counting. Tell the instructor you saw this ad and you will get $250.” None of the “losers” read either the first or the second ad; they just continued to count the pics on their own.


As you can see, luck is what you are searching for, perceiving life attentively. For example, noticing some patterns in the work slots, taking advantage of the bonuses offered by nitropolis 2, or learning to distinguish the life signs. In the process of this search, you create luck yourself. Fortune is not a miracle: this is the skill to better cope with the unexpected, strange, and multiple probabilities that life brings to you. 

Simple Tips to Attract Your Luck

Fortunately, Wiseman decided to go beyond the scientific results and made several tips for everyone who would like to attract their luck. In particular, he made the following conclusions:

  1. Take full advantage of opportunities

Lucky people don’t ignore opportunities but immediately see them as a lucky chance. Be careful not to miss out on a flash of luck that doesn’t happen so often. You can not only notice and use various chances but also create them yourself, or rather, do everything so that opportunities can arise. More acquaintances, meetings, openness to new ideas and projects - all this helps to get chances from life, and, of course, to use them.

  1. Listen to yourself

Lucky people never ignore and trust their intuition. Sometimes, each person has insights, ideas, signs. Something inside tells us the correct answer. On an intuitive level, we anticipate, understand, and realize, even if there is no clear, comprehensive information. If you want to be luckier, then pay attention to your feelings. By the way, meditation helps to activate your intuition, remove unnecessary thoughts from your head, and learn to listen to yourself.

  1. Fortune likes the optimists

Anxiety and pessimism cloud the mind; they do not allow you to see the possibilities. Calm optimism and confidence that everything will be OK help to look for new chances and find them. 

  1. Be active 

A lucky person does not leave everything to chance. He cannot trust his happiness only to capricious luck. A lucky person takes an active position. He looks for his own way, tries different things, tests ideas and options. A passive position is shifting responsibility for your life onto other people, circumstances, situations, and external factors. This is what the losers do. The lucky ones take an active position when life depends on their actions, their thinking, and perseverance. They do not sit still but search, try and move forward.

  1. Look for the right like-minded people 

Did you notice that lucky and successful people communicate with each other? Successful and promising people are always friends. Meanwhile, alcoholics, lazy people, and losers hang out in their toxic communities. Look for the right like-minded people. Try to communicate with smart, active, successful, promising, and lucky people. The more such friends you make, the more chances for good luck you have. 

How to attract your luck? Follow the above rules, and luck will be more favorable to you.