E-commerce is booming. If you are one of the many new e-commerce enterprises, or an existing organization looking to support your online presence and operational systems, you may be looking at different options for software. Or maybe you’re hosting your own website and use different bits of software kits to make your sales and manage your operations and feel like you are drowning in tech! Whatever stage your venture is at, it is clear ecommerce is here to stay. By 2040, it is estimated that 95% of all purchases will be made via ecommerce. However, even if you are set up for it, according to saasgenius.com, consumer habits and new tech will change the way ecommerce actually works. Your business will need to constantly evolve or be left behind, so having the right tech to support your online operations in an ever-evolving world is crucial. Here’s how SAAS can power your business. 

What is SAAS?

Businesses used to keep their software solutions on their own premises, either on a centralized server, or on a desktop. Over the last decade, more and more enterprises have moved to Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions that keep systems and software on cloud-based apps, hosted by a service provider and accessible from any location via the internet. Whatever a business is looking for; messaging, communication, CRM, sales and data systems, payroll, HR and many more - there’s an SAAS package to fit.

Easy Implementation

All you need to adopt SAAS is a strong and reliable internet connection and a web browser. You don’t need any tech skills - you drag and drop the items you need. Register with a provider, buy the exact package you need, download the application to your computer and you are ready to go. Head online, and everything you need is there. Whether you are an established operation or a start-up, you can buy, implement and get out to market incredibly quickly.


SAAS providers can build solutions to fit the unique needs of your venture, so no longer will you have to buy software that comes with stuff you don’t need. Everything is scalable; if you need more data storage, need access for more users or need temporary software to handle one-off projects, that’s easily implemented. You can also slim down what you have should you need to as well. Software updates, should you want them, are handled by the provider and are available instantly. As your business needs to change as the world around you evolves, SAAS is there to give you the tools you need. 

Cost Savings

You buy only what you need, built for your business. You don’t need to install extra hardware and you don’t need to employ specialists to manage your systems.  Paying on a subscription basis makes your financing and budgeting stable and easier to manage, while you don’t need to buy the entire product upfront, keeping initial and ongoing costs down. The simplicity and convenience of SAAS also saves you time as well as money. 


SAAS solutions offer easy management of systems and websites, and they will handle all maintenance issues. They have great customer service support teams so whatever the requirement - speed performance, bug fixes, software updates or website performance – they will quickly get you to where you need to be. 


Keeping your internal and customer data secure is paramount for any ecommerce business. SAAS solutions are all cloud-based, so your data is kept far more secure from external threats than anything you could do on your own premises. SAAS data centres are of exceptionally high quality and providers back all your data up on an ongoing basis to keep your information safe. 

Safe Payments

Did you know that the United States is the top of the league in credit card fraud? 2018 figures showed the US accounted for 38% of fraudulent losses worldwide, amounting to $9.47 billion. The pandemic has made the situation even worse, with widespread reports of surging numbers of attempted fraudulent transactions. For ecommerce businesses, protecting your customer data and payment information is vital, and becoming PCI compliant is the best way to do it. When you use a SAAS provider, you can be assured that their systems are following PCI standards. The more your customers trust your payment systems, the more your sales and revenue will increase.