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The internet has provided a way for people to connect with each other in a much better way. There are also different social media platforms that allow people to get in touch whenever they want to. Also, such sites enable them to share whatever they feel like except for mature content. And this can be a problem. You see, sometimes people may not realize and overshare information which they should have kept private. This can easily lead to cyberbullying. So, in order to protect my children, I strictly asked them not to share their private information on any social media platform when I subscribed to Cox service. And I advise the same to you as well! 

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Oversharing on the Internet

Social media can be helpful if people use it in a responsible way. This means sharing what needs to be shared and catching up with your friends. However, the moment you start to overshare, it will open doors to many threats. Let’s have a look at four reasons why you should avoid oversharing on the internet. 

#1. Digital Stalkers Can Have All the Information About You 

There are stalkers on the internet as well. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise for you to know that your profile is similar to an open book for stalkers. They can get all the information about you easily. The photos you share, and the check-ins you post can tell the stalker about your whereabouts. And if they are following you for a long time, they can easily figure out what your daily schedule is like. Once they know this, they can easily find you on the street, your home, or even at your office. If you don't get any attention from the stalkers then it is recommended to limit the people who can see your posts. 

#2. Thieves Are on the Lookout 

If you think stalkers are the only ones you have to worry about then think again! Social media is also a favorite place for thieves. So, if you are posting about your travel plans or check-ins, they will know that you are not home, giving them the perfect opportunity to rob your place. And when they do enter your apartment while you are away then you will be at their mercy. They can take away your valuables, costing you a lot. Therefore, it’s best if you don’t share when you will be going on vacation next. Also, never post that you are home alone!

#3. Stuff You Post Can and Will Be Used Against You

Lawyers always explore social media profiles to gather information during trials, both in someone’s defense or to attack. For instance, if you share a selfie while at a wild party, it can be used as proof in the court to support your partner’s claims that you cannot be trusted to have custody of your child. Also, at times, people post stuff that doesn’t mean to when they are angry. And this too can be used in court to prove that you have anger management problems. 

#4. You Can Lose Your Job

This very much can happen! Suppose you are using social media during your office hours, and you get caught doing so. This can get into trouble. Employers don’t like when you waste time scrolling on your smartphones instead of working and they will penalize you for this. In addition, posting something about the work or your employer can easily get you into hot water. There will be major consequences if you do this and you may even lose your job. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check who can view the post that you are about to share. 


The Internet is a useful tool that allows you to connect with people from around the globe. However, you should know just how bad it can get for you if you are not responsible for what you do on the internet. Social media platforms are awesome and there is no doubt about that. But problems will arise if you start to overshare information. Therefore, it is best to avoid that. And only share stuff that you think is appropriate and safe.