Many individuals often see the sports arena as a playfield for the distinguished, famous, and rich men and women. This statement sufficiently defines a majority of the National Hockey League (NHL) team owners. 

These Canadian NHL team owners are indeed wealthy. Their role as team owners and their wealth has made it easy for them to finance the teams and make major impacting decisions for the team and league.

The Richest Canadian NHL Team Owners

The top 8 most affluent Canadian NHL team owners have a combined worth of over $55.38 billion. Here is a list of the wealthiest personalities running the Canadian National Hockey League Teams and how much each earns in and out of the league.

1. David Thomson-Winnipeg Jets

David Thompson’s net worth stands roughly at $38.9 billion. The 63-years-old has made his fortunes over the years from his big company, The Thomson Reuters, where he chairs. He rose to the Chairmanship position after his father's demise in 2006. 

He holds 320 million shares in the company. In 2018 the company made $17 billion from selling a controlling stake in Refinitiv to Blackstone company. Together with his family, he controls a publishing and media empire which his grandfather founded. 

He is also a recognized art collector, whose art gallery is filled with Rembrandt, William Turner, and Egon Schiele; the list is endless.

He is a part-owner of the Winnipeg Jets NHL Team and a minority stake in Montreal Canadiens through its holding company. The Winnipeg NHL team is worth $ 405 million, and it has accrued revenue of $117 million.

2. Tom Gaglardi -Dallas Stars

Tom Gaglardi's net worth stands roughly at $3.92 billion. He is in charge of the Northland Properties Corporation, a restaurant firm and a hotel owned by his family.

He runs the family business operations as the director and CEO on behalf of his father. The family business consists of around 55 hotels, 170 restaurants, and others recorded in their portfolio. Moreover, he has over $6 billion in assets in countries like Scotland, the US, and Canada.

He is the Dallas Stars NHL team owner in the NHL, where the highest-paid player earns $13 million a year. The Dallas Stars NHL team is worth $ 575 million, and it has accrued revenue of $142 million.

3. Francesco Aquilini - Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks team owner’s net worth stands roughly at $3.3 billion. His earnings come from his interests in businesses like hotels, property development, consumer brands, renewable energy, and agriculture, among other ventures in Canada.

Aquilini Investment Group has gained the power to manage and control numerous businesses and resources through the company. He oversees British Columbia's development plans, cranberry farms, Rogers arena, $80 million worth of vineyard properties, and owns Pizza Hut's in Columbia. 

He is the owner of Vancouver Canucks, which he got after buying a 100% stake in the company two consecutive times in 2004 and 2006. The highest-paid player in Canucks earns $8 million a year. The Canucks NHL team is worth $ 725 million, and it has accrued revenue of $146 million.

4. Daryl Katz - Edmonton Oilers

Daryl Katz's net worth is approximated to be around $3.1 billion. At 58 years of age, he is the owner and founder of Katz Group of companies, which has operations in real estate development, sports, and pharmaceuticals. 

He studied law and arts, which unfortunately never became part of his significant career endeavours. He now makes most of his money from the pharmaceuticals sector, which he ventured into 1991. That is after he purchased Canadian rights to an American franchise called Medicine Shoppe.

In 2012, he turned his business mind to real estate and entertainment after selling the company and others he had previously bought.

Katz used $200 million in 2008 to become the owner of his hometown's Edmonton Oilers team. The highest-paid player in the group earns $9 million a year. Edmonton Oilers is worth $ 550 million, and it has accrued revenue of $170 million. 

5. N.Murray Edwards – Calgary Flames

N.Murray Edwards’ today’s worth is approximated to be $1.76 billion. He derives a vast majority of his fortunes in mining companies and Canadian oil sands. He was in charge of launching and investing in great companies like Ensign energy services, Aerospace firm Magellan and Canadian Natural Resources.

He has been the owner of Calgary Flames since 1980, through Calgary Sports and entertainment. The team’s highest-paid player earns $6.8 million a year. The Calgary Flames NHL team is worth $480 million, and it has accrued revenue of $120 million. 

6. Geoff Molson – Montreal Canadiens.

Geoff Molson's net worth stands at approximately $1.75 billion. He is a significant member of an extremely wealthy family in Canada - The Molson family. This family’s name is known in the beer industry due to its ownership of Molson Coors Brewing. The brewing firm is famous for buying companies like Carling, O'Keefe, and Coors. The family also founded the Molson bank.

Geoff Molson is the CEO of all events and president at the L’Equipe Spectra company and the Bell Centre with a 20000 capacity. 

He is the owner of Montreal Canadiens, where the highest-paid player earns $12 million a year. The Montreal Canadiens NHL team is worth $1.34 billion, and it has accrued revenue of $219 million.

7. Lary Tanenbaum-Toronto Maple leafs

Larry Tanenbaum's net worth is approximated at $1.5 billion. He has 25% ownership of the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment company, whose interests lie in commercial real estate and sports. He has investments in the construction industry, cable TV, and Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport terminal. 

The company has ownership over MLS club Toronto FC, NBA side Toronto Raptors, Canadian football League, and NHL franchise called Toronto Maple Leafs. The highest-paid player of Maple Leafs earns $8.5 million a year. The Maple Leafs NHL team is worth $1.5 billion, and it has accrued revenue of $223 million.

8. Eugene Melnyk-Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators owner, Eugene Melnyk, has a net worth of about $1.15 billion. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry alongside medical publishing.

He is the founder of Biovail Corporation, formed in 1989. In 2010, Biovail Corporation merged with an international pharmaceutical company called Valeant. During this time, Melnyk sold his Biovail stock making $157.6million.

He owns the Ottawa Senators hockey team. The highest-paid player for the group earns $7.3 million a year. The Ottawa Senators NHL team is worth $430 million, and it has generated a revenue of $115 million.

Final Words

Every aspect of many businesses has been affected by the ongoing pandemic. The ability to buy the ownership of teams remains preserved for the few filthy rich personalities. Considering the profiles and portfolio of the characters listed above, you can tell it is a walk for the wealthy. It involves financing the teams' needs and making major impacting decisions for the team league.