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Raw CBD extract is a crystal considered unfit for human consumption. As a result, CBD products are provided in mediums that make the compound available to the body. These mediums have a significant role to play in the edibility, absorption, and bioavailability of the product, so you need to be careful about what types of CBD products you purchase. Here are some of the most common types of CBD products and what makes them different from the others:

  1. Tinctures

According to Hemmfy CBD Marketplace, tinctures are arguably the most common type of CBD products on the market for both human and pet consumption. They are concentrated CBD extracts soaked in vinegar or alcohol. The alcohol pulls out the CBD and other vital cannabinoids and concentrates them as a liquid. Tinctures can be consumed together with food or drinks, though you might want to take them sublingually (under the tongue) for maximum bioavailability.

  1. Capsules

As the name suggests, CBD capsules look like regular pills and are swallowed in the same fashion. When swallowed, it may take an hour or two for their effects to be felt, and that is probably the biggest downside to taking capsules over tinctures. However, they offer the advantage of being discreet, and can be taken anywhere without drawing the attention of onlookers.

  1. Vapes

Vaping CBD is another way to take the product for maximum bioavailability. When you vaporize cannabis extract, it goes directly to your lungs and is absorbed into your bloodstream. It bypasses your stomach and liver, where bits of the compound are lost before it reaches its final destination.

  1. Topicals

Creams, salves, lotions, shampoos, and balms are all forms of CBD oil topicals. They are applied on the skin rather than ingested and are absorbed into the blood through the numerous cells along the skin. People usually take CBD topicals to ease joint or muscle pain on specific parts of their bodies. Topicals are also pretty useful in post-workout muscle recovery regimens.

  1. CBD isolate

CBD isolate is available in a range of forms, including wax, crystals, and powders. It is arguably the purest and most expensive product you will find, so it is worth the price if purity is a priority to you. CBD isolate products do not contain THC, and therefore don't induce any psychoactive effects regardless of the amount ingested.

  1. Edibles

Many people do not like the taste of CBD, and prefer taking it mixed with drinks or solid food. If you are this type of person, you can save yourself the hassle by buying edibles instead. Common forms of CBD edibles include gummies, cookies, and chips. There are also many CBD-infused beverages being sold, from coffees and teas to syrups that you can incorporate into your protein powder, cocktail, water, or shots.


These are the common types of CBD products you can buy for yourself or your pet. If you are new to CBD, take the time to review what is on the market, and only go for what you think suits you best.