It's prevalent to see car accidents on busy roads. A car accident can occur within a second of distraction. Seconds of inattention can cause heavy property losses and sometimes can even cause death. Hence, you must see a lawyer if the other party is at fault.

Although it just takes seconds for a car accident to turn a joyful ride into a tragedy, the following legal process can take months and sometimes even years to come to a result.

The following are some numbers and statistics of Fort Worth car accidents

  • Every year, almost 250,000 people in Texas are hurt in car accidents. 
  • About 4.5 million people in the United States get injuries every year as a result of accidents. 
  • When it comes to Americans under the age of 55, traffic accidents are a leading killer. 
  • The United States has the highest rate of traffic fatalities among developed nations. 
  • Every 58 seconds, a crash severe enough to be reported occurred in Texas in 2018, per data from TxDOT.

But, how you deal with it depends upon your law team; that's why it's crucial to have a decent law team with you, to change the turn of events and bring the result in your favor. 


Process Of An Auto Accident Lawsuit

There is no standard time frame within which you can be promised compensation in auto accident legal cases. But the period depends upon the following processes.


Step 1: File a Claim

The party at fault will be notified that you have shown interest in obtaining a claim to recover from the damage and settle the medical bills. Your Injury attorney will gather all your medical bills and present them to the Insurance company of the party at fault to settle the damage.

Step 2: Negotiation

The Insurance company will try their best to reach a reasonable amount to compensate for the medical bills and damage. However, the compensation will be very less, and hence you need to file a lawsuit.


Step 3: File a Lawsuit

You'll have to file a lawsuit to resolve the negotiation. Mostly, talks outside the court never reach a point; that's why all these cases are resolved in court. At this point, only your lawyer can advise you the best because they know this situation well.


Step 4: Litigate the case

Now, the litigation process will begin with a formal complaint to the court. The plaintiff will ask the at-fault party for an answer, and it will result in Discovery (formal investigation of the case's facts). This is the last opportunity for both parties to resolve the settlement and come to a point.

Step 5: Trial

This step is crucial; here, your lawyer will advise you on whether you should go for a trial or not, keeping the losses and rewards in mind. If the trial is initiated, your attorney will represent your case and show the facts of how the reckless driving of the party at fault has caused you damages. 


Factors that will affect your case

On average, it is going to take at least a year for the settlement. However, the following factors can severely affect the case's outcome and the expected period.


  • Injuries of the plaintiff and the medical expenses.
  • Current and future medical requirements of the plaintiff
  • Disabilities(if any) happened due to the accident.
  • The reputation and success rate of your lawyer.
  • The Insurance company of the at-fault party.
  • The court and the judge your case has been filed and assigned to.
  • Discovery process of the case.


The points mentioned above can determine the outcome of the settlement, and one of the most crucial things that can change the course of events is your lawyer. 


If you have been a victim of a Fort Worth car accident, it is best to consult an experienced lawyer. They will also provide a free consultation call and review your case at no added cost. So don't wait and contact them today itself.