The world of social networks is our reality today. You chat, exchange messages, find out the news, write your thoughts and comments with other people on social networks. Apps such as Whatsapp, Signal, and Telegram have long been popular, and millions of users worldwide start and end with these apps every day.

At the beginning of 2021, the Clubhouse voice communication application was a resounding success. In a matter of days, everyone started talking about him. They were looking forward to invitations for registration, and everyone was curious - what kind of new format of communication in social networks was this. 

Statista shows that Clubhouse had over nine million downloads a month in February 2021, while North and Latin America accounted for the largest share of downloads worldwide.

What is the Clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social network for audio chat developed in a mobile app format. The idea of the Clubhouse has been expanded to a regular chat-based portal to create rooms where users can access any current chat and start interacting with other members.

What made Clubhouse so famous?

The Clubhouse has changed our vision of social media: now you are invited to communicate through voice. For those who are tired of photos, videos and text, this is an incredibly fresh breath of air in the era of social networks.

And this social network can be an excellent example of why you should also develop a similar social network if you have a dedicated software development team

6-Step Process to Create a Clubhouse-like App 

So, here are the steps to help you develop a similarly successful application:

  1. Research the market

First, you should find out who your target audience will be.

You need to do thorough research on all major social media apps in existence and every app that works with a similar app concept that you plan to implement. Play on contrast and on what users are missing right now.

  1. Develop a concept for the application

The main rule of the mobile app business is to offer a product that either solves a problem or improves a lifestyle. Forbes writes that developing a mobile app that allows users to do what they want quickly will keep them coming back to the app and your business more.

So, you should either create a social media app that solves people's problems or create an app that brings new features or communication styles to social media.

  1. Set characteristics and requirements

You need to have your vision of the app platform and your business goals for the short and long term. A team with senior app designers and developers will listen to your ideas and share their opinions based on years of experience in app development. 

After discussing and finalizing the application's design, the list of features, and requirements, the development process can begin.

  1. Decide how you will monetize the app

Monetization is an essential part of your business. You must choose how you will receive income in the application: advertising on the platform, paid options and subscriptions, etc.

  1. Continuous application support and improvement

Once your application is developed and launched, there is no reason to relax. The application will need constant support and periodic updates. The best option is to involve the same team that developed your application to handle this service, as they will know every corner of the application code.

  1. Marketing promotion

Your app needs to be very intriguing so people can leave the existing social media app or take over yours along with existing ones.

People love the new way to communicate: a voice application is a quick way to exchange opinions and comments. You should build your app marketing around this idea.

In conclusion

The Clubhouse exploded our understanding of social media, but it is still available to a limited number of users. It means that there is a massive potential for those who want to replicate the success of this application. 

If you have your team, you can already get down to business. Suppose you only have an idea and desire. In that case, you can hire a team of specialists who will help you set up all processes efficiently and professionally, for example, the development team at https://mlsdev.com/services/devops


Don't wait and start developing your popular application right now - there won't be a better time for this!