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Here we offer students and educators reliable and accurate resources for conducting research which includes historical record research. 


We are excited to share a resource we’ve recently come across called Storied, a new resource that provides access to hundreds of millions of historical records.


Through Storied, students and educators can easily search for and access historical records relevant to their research topics. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for both beginners and experienced researchers to navigate. With its powerful search tools and filters, Storied enables users to quickly find the records they need for their research.


Storied has a vast database of historical records that includes documents, photographs, videos, and other forms of media. These records cover a wide range of topics and time periods, from ancient civilizations to modern history. By utilizing these diverse sources, students can gain a more comprehensive understanding of historical events, cultures, and societies.


The value of historical record research for students is significant. By examining historical records, students can develop critical thinking and analytical skills. They can analyze different perspectives and evaluate evidence to form informed opinions and conclusions. Historical research also promotes tolerance and understanding by fostering an appreciation for different cultures and societies.


Through Storied, students can access primary sources such as vital records; birth, marriage, military and death as well as secondary sources like newspaper articles. These resources offer valuable insight into various historical topics and events. Storied also allows users to save their search results for future reference, making it convenient to revisit the records at a later time.


We are committed to providing students and educators with the best resources for historical record research. By utilizing Storied and other resources on our website, students can conduct research more effectively and efficiently. We believe that understanding the past is essential for navigating the present and shaping the future, and we hope to inspire and empower students to explore history in a meaningful way.