One can easily manage cleaning and scrubbing at home with no or minimum tools but in a commercial building, you need proper commercial floor buffers to do the cleaning job. There are a lot of cleaning robots and floor cleaning machines in the market. And choosing one could be confusing because you would want the best for your commercial building. Since these machines are operated by people one needs to find the one that is easy to handle yet does an extraordinary cleaning job.

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These days, there are different features in commercial buildings that require delicate floor cleaning and commercial floor buffers are designed to delicately clean the floor surface. There is no use of harsh chemicals or scrubbers but smooth cleaning with water. It will clean the surface instantly and won't let dirt or grime stay on the floor. 

Here we will be talking about the most commonly used floor cleaners. Check them out down below:

1 - Walk-behind type of commercial floor scrubber: These are the most common type of commercial floor cleaner that we see in many commercial buildings like grocery stores or malls. These walk-behind type of commercial floor scrubbers are either electric or battery-powered. Battery powered floor cleaners are usually cheaper and can do the cleaning in less time as compared to the electric ones. They usually have the shape of a cart, and janitors have to push it from behind for cleaning the area. They have wheels and a handle just like carts to move around quickly. These floor scrubbers feature a disc or a cylinder brush or cleaning pad at the bottom that does the cleaning . 

This brush disc or cleaning pad vacuums and scrubs the floor. The disc is usually changeable according to the floors. They are an excellent choice for shopping malls and commercial buildings with less open space. Make sure you use mild cleaning chemicals so that it would last longer because harsh chemicals and rough terrain could damage the machine pretty easily.

2 - Ride-on commercial floor scrubber: Some of these floor cleaning machines come in modified shapes where one person can sit in it and as it runs, it scrubs and cleans the floor. It is easy and more comfortable than walking behind a commercial floor scrubber. These ride-on scrubbers feature cylindrical roller brushes that take on heavy dirt and clean effectively. Ride on commercial floor scrubbers are big machines that require enough space to move around while cleaning, so it would not be a good choice for small shopping malls where there are kids and people moving all around. They do feature emergency buttons, horns, brakes, and warning lights to ensure their functionality among people. It would be a great choice for hotels, office spaces, museums and such sort of other commercial buildings.