In 2020, online slots can be almost anything you want them to be. The type of slots that your parents used to play - the ones that featured fruits and jewels on the reels and didn’t come with bonus features - still exist if you want to play them. It’s just that today they’ve become one option of many, rather than the default option. The digitalization of casinos and casino games has meant that online slots now come with almost every theme you could possibly imagine. There are themes based on sports, cuisines, movies, races, and places. The Native American theme is one of the most popular among them, and that means there are some great options within it for you if playtech slot games are your thing. 

On the one hand, stereotyping is rarely helpful when it comes to online slots or any other form of entertainment for that matter. If you were to ask the Irish or the Mexicans what they think of the online slots that have been designed around their culture, they would probably tell you that they find them borderline offensive. On the other hand, that isn't generally the case with the Native American theme, which tends to be dealt with more sensitively. Perhaps that's because of the obvious and well-established connection between Native Americans and gambling (even if that connection isn’t always as profitable as many people believe it to be). 

Whether or not you find the Native American genre of online slots to be tasteful or not is up to you - all we can do is point you in the direction of the best of them and let you decide for yourself! That's what we'll do right now, with our pick of the top five Native American themed online slots currently on the market. 

Shaman’s Dream

This 2016 online slots game by Eyecon is considered by many people to be the finest example of the genre ever created and has gone on to inspire a more recently released sequel. We have nothing against the sequel, but we believe the original is still the better slot. Aside from having some atmospheric sounds and visuals, Shaman's Dream manages to do the simple things well and add to its package with some generous bonus features. All winnings are automatically trebled during the free spins feature, which is a nice touch, and any winning lines that involve the wild symbol automatically double in value. The traditional 5x3 layout means that it's easy to pick up and play even for inexperienced players, and with 25 paylines and 95.44% RTP, there's always a good chance of winning something back from your spend. 

Bronco Spirit

While the connection between Native Americans and horses is something of a stereotype, it's a mostly accurate one, and you'll find it used in many a Native American-themed online slots game. In some cases, like this Pragmatic Play slot, it's even used as a title. This is a relatively new release to the market, having been launched in April 2020, and comes with an innovative "coin collector" feature wherein every ten spins are counted as one cycle, with the value of all the gold coins you've landed during that cycle paid to you at the end of the tenth spin. The free spins feature is worth mentioning, too, as it offers you some control over how many spins you get and how many additional wild symbols are added to the reels during those spins. RTP is 96.63%, maximum jackpot is x1472 your stake, and there are 75 ways to win on the large 5x4 reel set. 

Tribe of The Sun

You can file this online slots game by Merkur under the "hidden gems" heading. It's not as well-known as the three options we've offered to you so far, but that doesn't mean you should overlook it. If you like solid, old-fashioned casino games with one or two twists when it comes to modern bonus features, Tribe of the Sun is the slot for you. Its low variance helps to protect your bankroll, and with a generous RTP of 96.02%, you should never be kept waiting too long for your next win. The free spins feature makes it even easier to win with thirty paying lines open, and there are some large multipliers to be had if your luck is in, too. 

Shaman Spirit

While this isn't the direct sequel to Shaman Spirit that we mentioned earlier, it's another Native American online slots game by Eyecon that works along similar lines. The name of the game here is to highlight every animal on the totem pole before the moon rises into the night sky. Every time a female spirit appears, all of your wins are doubled. You get more free spins here than you might expect with your standard slot - a full set of fifteen for landing just three of the "warrior wolf" scatter symbols. This is arguably the best-looking and most atmospheric of the five slots we've listed in this article, and comes with 95.44% RTP and 25 paylines. The maximum possible jackpot is a hefty x9500 your stake. 

Mystic Dreams

Set against the backdrop of the American canyons in the dead of winter, this 2013 slot from Microgaming is an old one, but a good one. It might not look as visually slick as the other slots because it was made in a time before HD video slots became the industry standard, but looks aren't everything when it comes to a good slot. What happens on the reels is far more important, and in this case, you have a whole 243 paylines to shoot for on a 5x3 set of rows and reels, backed up by 96.06% RTP. During the free spins feature, the value of your individual wins can be multiplied by up to 24x if you're able to push it to its peak, and the jackpot is a massive x72000 your stake. You really will think you're dreaming if that comes in while you're playing!

While these are our top five picks for now, there are new Native American themed slots added to the world’s biggest online slots websites every month. If anything turns up and dramatically alters our opinion, we’ll come back and provide you with updates. In the meantime, happy spinning - and be lucky!