Everyone loves a hearty Thanksgiving dinner packed to the brim with all the classics and favorites, but what’s less pleasant is the gas and digestive disruption that can sometimes occur afterwards. It’s no surprise that eating too much food too quickly can result in gas and bloating, leaving you searching for best supplements for digestion discomfort so you can get quick relief from gas right away. You don’t have to suffer through uncomfortable or even painful bloating while the rest of the family has a fun time, however. Instead, recall these easy ways to help relieve the bloat and you could transition smoothly from dinner to family game time while still feeling your best.

Common Reasons for Bloating After Thanksgiving

It’s only natural to wonder why all that tasty food causes bloating so often. In fact, the precise reasons are often down to the types of foods usually involved and the manner, and speed, with which you consume them. For instance, common reasons you may experience dreaded post-Thanksgiving bloat include:

  • Eating so quickly that you accidentally swallow too much air
  • Drinking lots of sugary, carbonated beverages that can upset the stomach
  • Consuming lots of high-carbohydrate foods, like mashed potatoes, or high-fiber foods, like Brussels sprouts

While you don’t have to give up these things entirely, a little moderation can help prevent an unwanted outcome. For example, try eating in smaller bites and slowing down your speed to avoid excess air swallowing. You can also start off with small portions of everything available to indulge your taste buds, and come back for seconds later if you truly still have room. Oftentimes, it’s easy to overestimate how much food you can handle in a sitting, so spacing it out can take the pressure off your stomach.

What Does an Intestinal Cleanse Do?

If you’ve tried adjusting your eating habits and still aren’t feeling great, you may want to look into a GI tract cleanse as a way of clearing out toxins that could be making you feel worse. In broad strokes, an intestinal cleanse can help:

  • Get rid of accumulated feces
  • Cleanse your body of toxic buildup
  • Move digestion along

After an intestinal cleanse, you may feel lighter and less burdened by the build-up from a big dinner. This could potentially help give you extra energy for whatever traditions your family likes to follow after a Thanksgiving meal, whether that's watching the big football game or simply hanging out in the living room and playing old board games.

Thanksgiving usually means heaping platefuls of turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, green beans, yams and other delicious, traditional foods. However, it’s often tempting to eat too much or too quickly during Thanksgiving dinner, which can easily result in uncomfortable bloating or even gastrointestinal pain. To combat this so you can move on and spend time with your family, try these quick ways to help relieve the bloat. With an intestinal cleanse, you can get back to enjoying your family time without worrying about painful bloating or gas.