The United States of America is very rich in water resources and fish. Tourists can always count on sea or ocean fishing, because it is possible to catch fish in different natural areas, but always subject to the requirements of local legislation.

Fishing peculiarities in the USA

In summer in the ocean comes the season of catching large salmon and tooth turpen, growing to 40 pounds. Particularly impressive fishing is done on local Pacific sharks, herring and polar ones. Their weight may reach half a ton. In summer, trout, rays, cod, seabass, and sea bass await the fishermen.

The fisherman meets the fish at Florida's main airport, but so far only in the form of decor. For a good catch, you will have to go to the Gulf of Mexico or Florida, or you can even go surfing-fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishing in the United States is the best place to go

The sea and ocean waters surrounding Florida are so full of fish that sport and commercial fishing are practiced here. Boats going far from the shore offer bottom fishing, designed for experienced fishermen. Such boats are equipped with refrigerators for catch storage and special equipment for lifting large fish on board.

With such equipment, you can safely go out to the ocean and catch barracuda, large breeds of tuna and sharks. Deep-sea fishing is common in the Gulf of Mexico, with a multi-day tour it can be combined with underwater hunting.

Sea fishing from a boat is practiced in the Gulf of Florida. Here you can count on catching red fish, local species of mackerel, cobia, trachitonus or white fox. The main thing is not to catch more fish than specified in the license.

The fishing season in Louisiana lasts from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn. In the Gulf of Mexico is practiced and winter fishing, but at this time there is a sharp decline in the number of fish and its activity, so don’t forget to take aluminum camping chairs. The most interesting place for fishing is near New Orleans, where the Mississippi flows into the sea, mixing fresh water with sea water. So there is a chance to throw into the garden both sea and fresh water fish.

Fishing in the United States in Alaska

Alaska is great and very rich in fish, you can catch it by boat not far from the coast or go on a multi-day trip to remote islands. The season begins in summer and lasts four months, occasionally capturing October.

The islands have giant size Pacific halibut, causing trouble to fishermen and literally ripping fishing gear. The average weight of individuals is 15-20 pounds, but there are giants, which have grown to 50 pounds.

Legitimate pleasure

Fishing in the United States is a pleasure that requires mandatory licensing. Attempting to fish without a permit, in the event of a collision with a water inspector, can at best result in a heavy fine, at worst, an introduction to the morals of the American prison.

There are two options for legal fishing, without bothering with the execution of permits. The first is to ask the artel to the professional fishermen, they will make all the permits themselves. The second option is to rent a yacht with the purchase of a tour for multi-day fishing in the most beautiful and fish areas.


It is forbidden to sell the catch by law, but you can diversify your menu by preparing fish on coals or entrusting caught trophies to professional cooks in coastal restaurants.