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Looking for ways to spend your days off winter blues, well we have a few tips that would definitely help but how about the digital blues? Well, you definitely want to know the tips to fight both of them and you have landed right on the page. 

Let us start with the effects of the blue light!

Fighting the digital blues


Well, completely eliminating the digital blues is quite impossible for one, but we can look to actively controlling these blue rays. These are part of a visible light spectrum, visible to the human eye. Generally, these rays are associated with strong memory and increased attention span but now with overexposure to these rays, the situation has completely changed. 


These rays are the reason for many discomforts, such as excessive eye strain and fatigue, and sometimes even minor headaches as well. This creates quite a discomfort and even hindrance in the productivity of one at work. 

Did you know about the fact blue light is even able to affect your circadian rhythm? 

How to prevent the effects of blue light?


The situation might be serious but there are ways to effectively prevent the effects of blue light. Specscart offers blue light blocker glasses from the X-blue lenses collection, unlike the coating of blue light, these glasses are made to prevent the blue light from entering the eyes. 


This will help in providing the much-required freedom from all the eye fatigue and these are best recommended to use at night time, they will definitely help one to actually control the effect of blue light. 

Time to move on with winter blues 


Now that we have effectively moved past the digital blues, this is time to look into the way you can actually escape your way through the winter blues. The best we would suggest for a long tropical vacation. For a prolonged season of gloom, catching up with some sun is the best way to beat the winter blues. And if you think you have not planned anything yet, then we are here to make it much easier for you. We have a few tips that will help you to plan the trip in advance this time so let us get started:


A candid trip: We would suggest picking a perfect sunny place you have been planning for quite a long time and making it happen this time. Yes, a tropical vacation, maybe off to the Caribbean sounds already fantastic to us. So, as you are reading this we want you to grab a pen and paper and write it down, and look for the best deals this holiday season. And if you want to make zero plans for the same, and go along the wind then that is absolutely suitable as well, make sure to check on the super sunny places for the same. 


Proper sun care protection: When it comes to a tropical vacation one cannot travel without carrying perfect protection against the sun. When it comes to your skin, keeping a proper sunscreen with high SPF is beneficial for the one to protect the skin against direct contact with the sunlight, there are high chances of getting skin burn and other issues. 


In the same manner, your eyes need protection against the sunlight, causing issues in the future due to overexposure to blue light. In such a situation it is best suggested to switch to Specscart’s anti-blue light glasses, as these effectively block the rays from reaching the eyes. Or if you do not want to take glasses then switch to sunglasses, their in-built ability to block the blue light is exactly what you want on a sunny day. 



Polarised sunglasses: And now when you are planning to carry sunglasses with you for protection then we would suggest looking for one with a polarised coating. Polarised coating that is effectively able to block the horizontal rays that cause the glare. Glare is caused when the light is reflected from a shiny surface and if you are planning a trip to the tropical islands then there are high chances of glare hitting the eyes as you will be surrounded by the water. 


There would be a high chance of glare; the best would be to switch to polarised sunglasses and a perfectly clear vision. Specscart offers sunglasses packed with polarised coating so now you know your go-to place for the same. 


Pack minimal: Another effective tip is to pack minimally, when it comes to vacations, there are super high chances of over-packing. But this time we would suggest going all minimal and this time it will make your trip way easier. This helps in easy moving from one place to another. But do not miss on all the glasses and sun protection you will be carrying, carry lightweight and only necessary clothes, important documents and medicines and some things such as important to your work can also be carried. 


This small guide to a perfect vacation is all you want this winter.