Most of the people depend on driving as a means of transport in the United States despite the existence of transport services. As with all nations, the primary eligibility to have a driving license to drive a vehicle on roads is to require a driving license. 

But as a foreigner, things might get tricky if you are not aware of the rules and regulations of getting a g2 license. Here, we are going to explain all ins and outs of the basics of the US driving laws as implemented across the US. 

Is it possible to drive with a foreign license in the US? 

The laws of the US state that you are needed to have a valid license in possession to be able to drive in that nation. This can either be issued by the United States or a foreign nation. Yes, you will drive in the US with a foreign license. But that does not mean there are no such restrictions applicable to it. As a foreigner in the US, you are required to be aware of them as well as follow them perfectly. 

The first and foremost requirement is that the driving license must be in English. All the names, symbols, and digits should be in the English language and easy to read. If not, the person needs to have an IDP or global driving permit such as a g2 license as issued by the native nation. Most officials and travel agents advised an IDP license rather than the one issued by the country. But as long as the license is valid and in English, then you can drive more than three months of period and there ought not to be any problem.

Alternatively, you can use the translation services to get the license converted from local or native language to English. Some states such as Texas accept it in Spanish but it is not advisable at all. Besides, you ought not to have any medical conditions, which you would forbid from driving. When you are applying for a license in the US, the applicant needs to undergo a medical examination consisting of vision tests as well as seizure disorder tests. 

How long can a person drive with a foreign license? 

The United States allows visitors to drive up to three months through a driving license. This is from that date they enter into the US according to official records. After this, the international license would work. To continue driving, you have to acquire an IDP. But you must be familiar with the fact that the US does not issue any short-term visitors. It can only be acquired from the native nation.

But there is a difference between the IDP with that of Short-term visitors as well as residents. Thus, you require following the right method based on which type you fall under.

Requirements for driving in the US legally

  • The applicant should be 18 years of age.
  • You ought to have a valid state-issued driving license, global driving license, and foreign permit. 
  • The person will be free from all medical conditions. 
  • You should follow all laws and regulations.