Are you a US citizen?  Want to enjoy online cricket betting? If yes; you must be wondering to know if online betting is legal in the USA. Well, to put it in simple words, it is prohibited in most states. Nevertheless, the good news is you can bet online without much hazard. This write-up intends to enlighten you with some of the best websites that offer safe cricket betting and a few other points that will help you to take the initial step.

Cricket betting is the apparent partner to the sport in the United States. Well, you may not know this. However, cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world. Records point to the fact that cricket is being played since the 16th century. Many, however, believe that cricket was played way before the 16th century. However, no one can refute that cricket has been played for a very long time. It wouldn’t even be unwise to say that Cricket betting in USA is a fundamental part of the sport. But before you go ahead, it is important to have a proper understanding of dependable cricket betting sites.

Gambling laws in the USA

The laws for cricket betting in the USA are not easy to understand. The sanction is applied to publicize cricket betting, deposit/withdrawals, and also place online bets. Let’s discuss the three laws that govern online cricket gambling.

  • The Interstate Wire Act: 

Placing online bets in the USA, according to the act, is unlawful. Following the law, the transfer of your personal information to register with a bookmaking site is also forbidden. The Interstate act is only applicable to online gambling. However, none of the online gamblers came under the scanner because of this act.

  • Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA): 

Introduced in 2006, UIGEA chiefly influences the online gambling system. The act states that none of the players can use the internet to transfer funds connected to online gambling. It’s the purpose why several bookies terminated their betting services in the USA. 

  • State Gambling Laws: 

The firmest set of rules to steer because there are 50 states, one district of Columbia, and 2 territories. You will come to know of the specific laws against online betting in South Dakota, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, Indiana, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. You don’t have to bother as none of the gamblers are prosecuted till now for online cricket betting.

How you can bet online in the USA?

You must be looking to know how American gamblers can place an online bet, particularly when it’s prohibited. Most of the laws, to put in simple words, target only the bookmaker, not the players. California, New Jersey, and Nevada are a couple of exceptions in which you cannot execute an online bookmaker. You might be prosecuted for the same; if you do so.

All the bookmaking websites that we mentioned above accept US players. Wondering how? Well, they are not licensed locally. These bookmakers are positioned in Costa Rica, Asia, or the UK. Here the US government has no control or jurisdiction. In other words, US laws cannot ban their services.

Online Cricket Betting Sites in the USA:

  • Bovada
  • BetOnline
  • 5Dimes

Depositing and withdrawing funds in the US

The banking options are limited for American gamblers. This is because of UIGEA. It states that none of the banks or credit companies can transact with illegitimate bookmakers. This is applicable even if they are situated offshore. You can use the Master or American Express credit card. If the online transaction failed, you can call bookmaker support and they will charge the card manually.

In case, the credit card is not a choice, then you can go for e-wallets say, MoneyLineWallet and MyPayLinq. Digital Pins prepaid cards, Western Union, Moneygram transfers, and e-check deposits are some of the other options you can try. Credit cards and e-wallets are the most favored selections, but if both of them flop for any reason, you can go for other methods.


So, by now you have understood that online cricket betting in the USA is multipart and it’s going to be the same for quite some time. You can place online bets, however, choices are limited as the websites recommended above do not cover all the cricket fixtures.

Betting from the USA could be risky. You might lose the entire deposit or you might not get the winning amount at all. You are recommended to put less money at stake. You will not lose much; even in a case of payment seize.