IIT JEE is one of the difficult entrance examinations for aspirants to be eligible for admission to engineering colleges. JEE has two stages JEE Mains and JEE Advanced which is required for the admission of IITs and NITs. Students have to clear the JEE Advance to be qualified for admission in the IITs.

JEE Mains contains two parts A and B. Part A is 80 marks and part B is 20 marks which are experimental skills.

Exam Pattern

JEE Mains has a total of 90 questions where the students have to answer only 75 questions. Students have to answer 20 questions from each subject which will be a multiple-choice question and 5 from the numericals.

Syllabus of JEE Mains and Advance.

The syllabus includes the chapters from classes 11 and 12 from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students should be well versed with all the topics with clarity of fundamentals and concepts.

Study Routine.

Make a proper study routine and follow it very consistently. Don’t skip on any topics or chapters. Every chapter and the topic is very significant. Focus symmetrically on Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Know your weakness and strengths in each and give time accordingly.

Reference Books.

Students often make the mistake of referring to too many books. Never do this. Instead, be thorough and perfect in one good reference book. Referring to too many books often creates confusion. If you are thorough with the textbook and the NCERT solutions and able to solve and answer the questions relevantly then you don’t have to worry and you are on the right track.

Proper sleep.

Exam preparation does not mean that you spoil your sleep and compromise on adequate rest. This will not help you but it will spoil your next day’s schedule. Have proper sleep and focus with full dedication during the allotted study hours.

Stay away from distractions.

Commonly, students are distracted usually with gadgets and mobile phones. The best way to be focused is to switch off mobile phones and gadgets so you are not under any kind of temptation. The hours that you put in are important to stay focused. Long hours without any focus or concentration will not help you. Your aim is IIT so just make sure your thoughts and thinking should be your aim.

Enjoy the study sessions.

You have to put in the required study hours but at the same time, you also should enjoy your sessions. You can always take breaks in between and munch some nuts and chocolates. This will give you the energy and a fresh mind to continue. Preparation does not mean that you sacrifice all the tasks. You should be able to manage the other tasks along with the studies so none of them gets disturbed.

Focus on the topics.

Focus on one topic and understand the concept. If there are problems related to the topic solve them to get the precise conceptual knowledge. Once you are clear with one topic you can proceed to the next.

Problems to be practiced every day.

Physics and chemistry have numericals to be solved. Especially physics has more of them. Make sure the problems are worked out every day. This should be included in your daily routine. If you get stuck with any numericals just don’t give up, instead read the theory and understand the reason why you are not able to get it and where you are going wrong. When you know the mistakes you will learn better.

Positive thinking.

You don’t require anyone else to motivate you. Your thoughts are the best companion. What you think is captured in the mind. Same as the radio catching the signals. Thinking positive means the results will be positive. If you think negatively then the mind will capture the negativity and things will go wrong. So always think positively and work hard.

Do not keep the work pending.

Keeping a task pending and thinking to complete the next day is not a good habit for an IIT aspirant. This will not be of any help as it is difficult to complete both days’ portions in a single day. So better to avoid all these and complete whatever has been set in the timetable. Procrastinating shows that you are not serious about your goal.


Revising regularly is very important. The formulas and the equations have to be read and revised daily so it is all at your fingertips. Clear the doubts if you have any. Don’t continue any learning without understanding.

Preparation of notes.

Make short notes of all the topics you study. This will be easy while revising. Highlight the important topics. Revise every day. Once you have learned the chapter the revision will not take much time. This will help you to remember well and you will not be stressed during the exam.
You can also refer to JEE Main Notes for appropriate preparation.


Evaluate your progress of learning and understanding by testing after every chapter. This will help you to know the level of understanding and also you can rectify the mistakes. Try and take the online mock test which can help you with accurate practice. Remember practice makes a man perfect.

Time management skills.

It is very necessary to have proper time management skills to clear JEE exams. Try to practice the section in the specific given time. Efforts should be made to develop speed and accuracy.

Subject wise study tips

Physics has many numericals in it. It is not just about the completion of the syllabus or solving the problems. It is about understanding. First, understand the question and what is being asked. Then solve the problems stepwise. Make sure that your basic concepts are clear.
Read the chapter and know the theoretical concept then you can try to solve the numericals. Once the theories are clear you can try to answer MCQs. Focus on formulas and the rules to be applied while using the same. Practice as much as possible so that mistakes can be avoided during calculations.
Practicing regularly will increase your speed and efficiency. Keep track of the time you are taking to solve. It will be easier at the time of the exams.
Revision of formulas and definitions should be done regularly.

Chemistry becomes easy and understanding if the fundamental concepts are understood properly. Don’t memorize without any understanding. Write down the formulas and the definition of each chapter. While solving try to question yourself that why and for what reason it’s happening.
Organic chemistry has lots of reactions and each has to be learned properly. Make notes of the topics and the equations and revise them every day. Certain topics can be gripped only through regular revision.

Mathematics is a subject that can be easy with thorough practice. Practice as much as possible. Solve different numericals and evaluate your skills and see the mistakes which you commonly do and rectify them. Formulas are very important and have to be at your fingertips. This can be achieved through regular study.

Following the tips regularly will be helpful to crack the exam.