Durable, highly-functional, aesthetic-pleasing, versatile — this is exactly what can be said about stainless steel equipment without which it will be hard to imagine the implementation of progressive business tasks, especially in the foodservice industry. The properly selected working tops, shelving systems, commercial sinks will facilitate the workflow in any kitchen, meeting food safety codes and performing the role of excellent cooking assistants. The categories of kitchen units include complete shelving kits, wall mount shelves, cooling bakery racks, dunnage racks, different types of faucets, a metal equipment stand, and, of course, a stainless steel table. The last one is the most essential element for organizing the room where employees must efficiently execute daily prep objectives.

Advantages of stainless steel work tables

Impressive longevity. Any construction made of stainless steel is impervious to excessive moisture, high-temperature impacts, and other external factors typical for busy restaurant kitchens. The material is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. It can withstand heavy use without the unpleasant signs of deterioration and wear and tear. Having any other types of material in commercial spaces, such as plastic or wood, will contribute to bacteria spreading on the surface. However, the extremely hygienic and non-porous stainless steel prep table will reject any microorganisms and the steel can easily prevent them from growing and affecting the quality of served meals and dishes. Built to last and served for years, the table will exceed all your expectations.

Simple and prompt maintenance procedure. No acids, water, food components, cleaning chemicals won’t destroy the metal integrity or cause some dirt accumulation. However, still, you must pay attention to some useful advice on the caring practices:

  • even if some kind of debris gathers on the top of a stainless steel table, the staff will quickly and efficiently get rid of it by applying a soapy solution and wiping the table with a soft cloth;
  • having a glass finish, the fingerprints can become a barrier to complete tidiness, however, you can use a specially designed product to polish the surface to bring back its shiny look or apply white vinegar;
  • to prevent water spots and traces of cleaners, be sure to use a towel/sponge/cloth to properly dry the unit;
  • use baking soda as a paste to eliminate grease marks;
  • don’t use tools such as wire brushes, as they can irrevocably scratch the steel.

Thus, with proper care for a stainless steel table, you will prolong its service life.

Usability due to great functionality and properties. Apart from food establishments’ purposes and culinary uses, the tables made of steel are possible to use in a variety of environments and workplaces. It can perform a function of medical equipment, and some heavy-duty tables are manufactured for industrial uses. At kitchens, you can arrange an ergonomic work zone or boost the storage capacity of the area with the help of adjustable stainless steel tables.

More customized designs with extra table modifications and upgrades. There is an array of additional features which you can obtain together with a stainless steel prep table. Everything depends on the interior objectives you strive to reach. Thus, if you plan to install a table near the wall, then a backsplash is of paramount importance. If there is not enough space for storing utensils, ingredients, and the most used items, then a unit with upper or lower shelving is a top-notch addition. Welded-in-sink will promote faster rinsing. When going into the selecting process, be aware of the appropriate dimensions, edge types, and steel gauge.