Meta Description: Are you wondering what kratom is and why is it generating so much buzz? Well, read the following article to find out what all the hype is about.

Kratom products are all the rage and hype in the market, and at this point, we are all familiar with the name. With the explosive increase in the prices of traditional medicine, people are now more inclined towards alternative methods of treatment. Kratom products fall under such a category.

These products are quickly becoming a part of most people's everyday routine. Every day, we hear a new kratom brand emerging in the market, and it makes us wonder if it is worth all the hype.  

We have compiled some data from research, and it is up to you to decide if you want to give kratom a chance. If you are already using kratom, it is time you shift to a brand that offers all the best things in one product. But before we dive into the specifics of each brand, let us look at what kratom is and how it works in your body.

Kratom is derived from the leaves of a plant belonging to the coffee family. It is also called Mitragyna speciosa and is native to South Africa and Southeast Asia. Kratom users believe that it helps in combating tiredness, uplifts your mood, and increases your alertness, thus enhancing your productivity. It has been reported that consuming small doses of kratom can have stimulating effects on your brain.

Some people consume high doses of kratom for its sedative effects and alleviating pain. Kratom is also believed to help with high blood pressure, anxiety, cough, and diarrhea. 

Generally, people consume by making tea by brewing the leaves of kratom plants. However, it is common for people to chew the leaves. Some companies have started selling kratom in powder pills or capsules. It is also available in the form of tinctures and extracts. The article entails the details of the best kratom vendors that sell high-quality kratom products online. 

Our Top 3 Kratom Vendors Online

The following brands made it to our list of the top three online kratom vendors:

  1. Super Speciosa - Overall Best Kratom Vendor Online
  2. Kratom Spot - Top-Rated Organic Kratom Product Brand For Kratom Strains
  3. Golden Monk - Affordable Rates To Buy Kratom From Kratom Suppliers 

Let's look at the detailed analysis of each of these brands and find out what separates them from hundreds of others. 

#1. Super Speciosa - Overall Best Kratom Vendor Online

If you are looking for some of the best quality kratom powder and tinctures, Super Speciosa is your option. Based in Florida, the brand has made a name for itself in the market. The term "super" in the name is not just a marketing strategy. The products offered by Super Speciosa are an accurate representation of the company's name. The quality of the products, the potency, longevity of effects, flavors, and even the aroma are super.

Super Speciosa has been in the market for a long time. This has allowed the brand to get accustomed to the needs and demands of the customers.

Even though the brand does not have a wide variety of products, the long list of loyal and satisfied customers speaks for the quality of the products. Super Speciosa provides some of the highest potency products on the market. These products containing concentrated alkaloids give you an instant boost and rejuvenation to your physical and mental health. 

Super Speciosa offers nine different kratom strains. These are available in capsules, tea bags, and powder. Most people prefer kratom capsules and tablets because the raw powder has a bitter taste which feels very unpleasant. Most people also feel slight nausea from the powder. Thus, the capsules eliminate these issues and make it easier for you to incorporate these into your routine. The most common capsule and tablet strains offered by Super Speciosa are Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Green Bali, and Red Bali. Each tablet contains 300 mg of kratom, while the capsules have 600 mg each.


Manufacturing:  Super Speciosa does not compromise the quality and standard of the products. The manufacturers do everything under strict supervision, from the ethical sourcing of Kratom plants to the packaging of products. Additionally, the company manufactures all of the products in FDA-approved facilities using up-to-date processing techniques. Human contact with the products is kept minimal during the entire process. This eliminates the possibility of contamination and ensures the purity and safety of the products.

Freshness and Potency: Super Speciosa products are known for their exceptional freshness. For that purpose, the manufacturers source the kratom leaves directly from Asia. The company ensures that the leaves are not older than a few weeks. The manufacturers carefully pack the final product in sealed ziplock bags to retain maximum freshness. Moreover, the manufacturers ensure that the trees are planted in special soil fortified with minerals. These plants are then kept under observation until the leaves reach maturity. This allows the concentration of alkaloid compounds in the leaves for high potency.

Purity: The manufacturers are very cautious when it comes to the purity and safety of the product. The company sources the kratom powder from 100% original Super Kratom plants. These plants are grown in mineral-rich soil free of all kinds of pesticides. The products do not contain artificial agents, flavors, or colors. After careful manufacturing processes, the products are subjected to third-party lab tests. These tests are completely impartial and ensure that the products are safe for consumption. All Super Speciosa products have a Certificate of Endorsement from third-party labs. Moreover, the company provides QR codes that show Certificate of Analysis (COAs) for each product.

AKA Certified: Super Speciosa is an AKA (American Kratom Association) certified and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) qualified online vendor. Moreover, the products are Federal Farm Bill compliant. So, it is safe to say that you get the highest quality products when you buy from Super Speciosa.

User Interface: The official website of Super Speciosa has a simple and convenient user interface. It allows you to easily navigate your way through the site.  


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High potency products 
  • Budget-friendly products
  • Variety of reward programs


  • No bulk deals

=> Click here to visit the official website of Super Speciosa

#2. Kratom Spot - Top-Rated Organic Kratom Product Brand For Kratom Strains

Kratom Spot is a fair-trade company that supplies high-quality kratom at affordable prices. Based in California, Kratom Spot was established in 2014 with an aim to provide superior quality kratom products to as many enthusiasts as possible. The team consists of a group of young entrepreneurs with a knack for e-commerce business. Their passion for Mitragyna speciosa took them from California to Southeast Asia. Here the team learned about all the properties and uses of Mitragyna and decided to put the knowledge to better use.

The company started selling kratom products long before people knew about its amazing properties. Through hard work and determination, the brand made its way into the people's hearts. To date, Kratom Spot has managed to successfully deliver on its promise and has always exceeded the expectations of its customers.  

Kratom Spot offers almost 30 strains of kratom, all in different forms. However, the most loved strains of Kratom Spot are Red Thai Powder, Green Thai Capsules, Red Bali Powder, and White Bali Capsules. Red Maeng DA Powder, and White Maeng Da Extract.

If you compare the price range, Kratom Spot products are costly compared to the competitors. However, the quality and potency of the product make it worth your investment.

Different kratom strains come with different prices depending on the type of strain. The manufacturers have to pack the capsules at a precise weight to maintain their integrity. Similarly, kratom extracts require high-end machinery and precise techniques for enhanced effects. This is why these products cost a little more than you would expect.

Therefore, Kratom Spot is one of the very few online vendors that offer bulk purchases. This way, you can get the best kratom benefits without burning a hole in your pocket.   


Hygienic Facilities: One of the main reasons contributing to the success and popularity of the brand is the quality of its products. Kratom Spot obtains its kratom products from ethically sourced plants. Additionally, the products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities. The company ensures that the facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

Independent Lab Tests: The brand sends all products to third-party labs for testing. The company then displays the results on the official website, and you can easily access them. Therefore, you can check the legitimacy and purity of the product before buying it. The third-party labs test the products for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides. Moreover, the website also gives you information about the alkaloid profiles of the products. These products are also free of artificial additives and toxic chemicals. 

Honesty and Transparency: The best thing about Kratom Spot is that the brand is very honest and open about its practices and policies. This shows that it follows all the rules and regulations established by AKA and distributes pure and safe products. Moreover, this shows that the company cares about the well-being of its customers and is not in the market to only make money.

100% Customer Satisfaction: Kratom Spot thrives on the love and support from regular consumers. Therefore, the team goes out of its way to ensure that the products exceed the customer's expectations. The core values of the company lie in customer satisfaction. Therefore the team members are always finding innovative ways to improve the products. Moreover, Kratom Spot offers efficient customer care to assist the consumers and solve their queries immediately. The company offers an email and telephone service to directly reach the customer support team. The customer support team is welcoming and happy to help the clients.


  • Free shipping on orders above 100$
  • Promotional codes and coupons
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Hygienic facilities and state-of-the-art technology


  • It does not accept Bitcoin.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kratom Spot

#3. Golden Monk - Affordable Rates To Buy Kratom From Kratom Suppliers

Golden Monk is an online kratom vendor known for distributing high-quality kratom products at reasonable prices. With the approval of the American Kratom Association and a long list of loyal customers, the brand is making its way into the kratom market.

Golden Monk offers 11 different strains of kratom. This gives you a wide variety to choose from. These strains include Green Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Red Borneo, Red Indo, White Borneo, Red Bali White, Bali, White Maeng Da, Super Green Malay. These products differ from each other on the basis of leaf vein color, source of leaves, and the weather conditions of the areas.  

To maintain the quality and standard of the products, the company sources all of the kratom leaves from Indonesia. The cultivators grow these leaves in perfect conditions thus making them very effective and potent. Therefore, each product has a different effect.   

To ensure quick and safe delivery, the company has developed a secure tracing system. It uses advanced technology to accurately track the route of the products. It also helps the company ensure that the product is delivered to the right customer. One of the most applaudable things about the Golden Monk is that it also accepts offline payment. The brand allows you to pay for your order in cash when you receive it. None of the other kratom vendors currently offer this service.   

Moreover, the brand offers loyalty points to long-term customers. For every dollar you spend, you get some loyalty points that you can redeem at any time. 


Quality Control: there are numerous high-quality kratom brands but what separates Golden Monk from its competitors is the quality control measures. Golden Monk is AKA cGMP certified brand. This means that it strictly follows all the regulations and cleanliness standards laid down by regulatory bodies. To maintain the purity of the products, Golden Monk products are packed in controlled rooms. This minimizes the chance of airborne contaminants mixing with the product. Moreover, the team at Golden Monk trains all of the manufacturers beforehand and ensures that the surfaces and equipment are cleaned regularly.

Independent Lab Tests: Golden Monk sends its products for third-party lab tests like all other quality brands. These tests confirm the purity of the products by checking for the presence of heavy metals and toxic chemicals. In addition to that, Golden Monk conducts further tests to ensure the safety of the products. These are six different tests that are conducted on every ton of the products. These tests include screening for microbes such as yeast, bacteria, mold, etc., screening tests for metals such as Cadmium, Arsenic, and Lead, and tests for screening alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. 

Packaging: One of the many perks of shopping with Golden Monk is that you get the option of private packaging. In a private package, the company does not mention the word "kratom" or any other associated word on the outside of the packaging. In addition, the company sends all of the products in the best quality packaging. The products are packed in germ and moisture-resistant material with double layers. This eliminates the chance of damage to the product and maintains its integrity. 

Customer Service: The thing that makes the Golden Monk's customer service stand out is that the team is available even on weekends. This is something most companies do not offer. But the team at Golden Monk realizes that people can have concerns and issues regarding kratom on weekends too. Therefore the team is also available on Saturdays and Sundays to assist people and help them solve their problems.  


  • Six different independent lab tests
  • A wide array of strains
  • AKA approved
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No vegan products

=> Click here to visit the official website of Golden Monk

How We Made The List Of Brands For Kratom Online For High-Quality Kratom 

The decision to choose a product from a pile of hundreds is always an overwhelming experience. With our busy lives and hectic schedules, people hardly have the time to check out every single product in search of the perfect one. Sifting through mounds of brands requires a lot of time and energy, which most people can not afford. 

The internet has eliminated the stress of going from store to store looking for the product you desire. However, making up your mind about one product can still be very taxing. When you start weighing the pros and cons, every product looks similar. Therefore, people sometimes end up choosing the wrong product. 

The reason for such effects of kratom is two of its components: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These compounds react with the brain the same way painkillers do. Therefore, most opioid users are rerouting their lives to adapt to kratom. These products are also believed to have anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant properties.

The reason people are quickly shifting to kratom is that it is derived from all-natural ingredients. However, it does not mean that excess consumption won't be harmful. Therefore, you must gather enough information before consuming kratom products.

To make things easier for you, we decided to curate a list of some of the best kratom vendors on the market. We did not make a list randomly; rather, we spent hours researching every brand. First, we made a list of some of the most talked-about kratom vendors and compared them against some essential factors. We kept crossing off the brands that did not live up to our expectations. In the end, we narrowed our list down to the top three online kratom brands. These brands exceeded our expectations and outshone all other brands on our list.

What We Looked For

We used the following metrics to check the worthiness of the brands: 

  • Sourcing and Manufacturing Practices: Some brands use low-quality raw material or unsafe manufacturing practices to reduce costs. The products resulting from such practices might contain harmful residues. When used for a long time, these residues can pose serious threats to your health. Therefore, we conducted thorough background research to filter out the brands that do not compromise the health of their customers. We only selected those brands that ensure that only the highest-quality products are delivered to your doorsteps.
  • Honesty and Transparency: Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of any organization. A good brand can not flourish in a competitive market without these two qualities. Therefore, well-reputed brands are completely honest and open about their practices and policies. We talked to several brands about their products in detail to pick the best ones. In the end, we preferred those brands that did not hesitate while talking about their products. Such openness shows that these brands do not indulge in malpractices and are honest with their clients.
  • Customer Satisfaction: One of the key factors to success is ensuring that the customers are satisfied with the products. The products mentioned in the article below have a 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction. The users have nothing but praises for the teams behind these brands and their products. 
  • Pricing: The pricing of a brand may not seem very important to most people, but it plays a crucial role in defining the legitimacy of a brand. Some brands try to make a name in the market by selling products at low prices. This might seem like a compelling offer to many, but it implies that the brands use below-par substances. 

The sourcing and manufacturing of kratom products is a very expensive procedure. It requires the latest machinery and precise techniques. Therefore, selling it at a low price is not an option. So, we chose the brands that sell high-quality kratom products at an affordable price.

  • Customer Service: The way a company treats its customers is a reflection of the company's work ethics. Therefore, the customer service team bears a huge responsibility. The brands mentioned in the article offer excellent customer service. The team is always available and happy to assist you. 

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Kratom Online

Kratom products are taking over the market with a storm. More and more people are shifting their focus on kratom for its beneficial properties. With the skyrocketing fame of kratom products, the demands are increasing day by day. To fill the gap between the demands and supply, a lot of new brands are emerging, and existing brands are coming up with innovative ways to compete. 

Numerous brands in the market make big claims about their products and offer similar services. However, not all of these brands are reliable as most of them do not even meet the expectations. The reason is that most brands focus on making money out of every product. Therefore, the brands use substandard material and do not even follow necessary precautions. Such products are a waste of your money and can be harmful to your health in the long run. 

A single factor can not determine the trustworthiness and reliability of a brand. Numerous factors collectively determine if the brand is worth your time and money. 

However, going through hundreds and products and checking them against every factor seems like an impossible task. It requires hours and hours of your time and energy. 

To save you the hassle of going through every product, we have generated a list of some of the most important factors. These factors can help you narrow down your search to a few products and find the one that caters to all your needs.

Brand Reputation

The reputation of a company is crucial to determining its reliability. A good reputation is essential for the foundation of trust and loyalty between a brand and its customers. A brand that cares about the well-being of its customers will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to provide the highest quality products. Therefore, you should always choose a brand with a good reputation among regular users. The testimonials of the users on the official websites can be very helpful in this regard.

Quality of the Products

The quality of the products says a lot about the brand. It shows where the core values and ethics of the organization lie. The brands that genuinely intend to help people do not compromise the quality of their products. 

Most brands take advantage of the product's popularity and start selling low-quality products to make some bucks. Such brands not only waste your time but put your health at risk. Therefore, you should always go for a brand that is well-known for selling standard products. Doing some background research and gathering information can help you avoid problematic products.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Third-party test results are an important factor that you always keep in mind. These tests check the products for the presence of heavy metals and toxins. Third-party labs are free of bias and partiality and give out honest results. The companies that subject their products to these tests display the results on their website. These results are visible to everyone so that you can check the purity of the products.

The companies that do not conform to the rules and regulations of authorities do not get their products tested by third-party labs. Therefore, you should always look out for such products as they can be serious health hazards. You should always check the website for results, and if you do not find any, it is better to refrain from investing in that brand.

Alkaloid Profiles

Kratom products have numerous kinds of alkaloids in them that are responsible for the effects of kratom. However, there is a limit to the number of alkaloids you should consume as excess can lead to alkaloid poisoning. Therefore, the high-quality brands mention alkaloid profiles of the products on their websites. Therefore, it is important that you should visit the brand's official website before buying a product. This will give you an idea about whether you should buy the product or not and allow you to make an informed decision. 

Purity and Safety

The purity and safety of the products are crucial factors, and you should never ignore them. Always run some background checks to find out about the sourcing and manufacturing practices of the brand. Some low-standard brands are prone to using harmful additives and flavors in their products. Some brands even use fillers that look like the original product to reduce the cost of manufacturing. 

The high-quality brands always mention the ingredients on the packaging, and the raw materials are ethically sourced and non-GMOs. Some brands use natural additives for enhanced effects. Although these ingredients are safe, they can trigger an allergic response in some individuals. Therefore, you should always check the ingredients of the products to avoid inconveniences.    


The best way to avoid falling prey to scams is to check the authenticity of the brand. The authentic kratom brands are GMP certified and members of the American Kratom Association (AKA). Moreover, these brands display third-party lab results on their websites that verify the purity of the products. You can find all of the information regarding the authenticity of the brand on the official website. If you are unable to find the information on the official website, you are better off without that brand.

FAQs Regarding Kratom Products

Q1. What is kratom?

Kratom, also called Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree belonging to the coffee family. You can find it abundantly in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. It is widely known and consumed by users for its psychoactive effects. There are multiple ways to consume it. The users generally take it in the form of capsules or make tea from the leaves. Some people directly chew the leaves to feel the effects. Since the 19th century, people of Southeast Asia have been consuming to alleviate pain and boost their mood.

Q2. Is kratom legal?

The legality of kratom is still a big debate. Although it is legal in most states, some have banned its distribution and consumption due to the potential side effects and the risks of OD. However, a lot of movements have been initiated by advocating the beneficial effects of kratom. The biggest movement in favor of kratom and its products is called the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). The movement resulted in some states (such as Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah) allowing the consumption of kratom while following the boundaries set by regulatory authorities. 

Q3. How does kratom work?

Some researchers believe that kratom diffuses into the bloodstream and reaches the brain. There, the molecules of kratom attach to the same receptors of the brain cells that attach to opioids. Therefore, it creates a similar effect in your brain as painkillers do. However, the study to determine the exact pathway and working of kratom are underway. 

Q4. Is kratom safe for pregnant women? 

Most people take kratom to uplift their mood or help with the help, while some people believe it can ease the symptoms of tiredness and illness. Therefore, taking kratom might feel like an appealing solution to some people to ease the discomfort during pregnancy. However, kratom can have serious side effects for pregnant women that can even be fatal. Moreover, the consumption of kratom during pregnancy can extend its effects on the baby. It is possible that you may need to get your newborn treated for withdrawal. Therefore it is best to avoid kratom pregnancy and consult your doctor before making any decision. 

Q5. Can your body develop kratom tolerance?

Since kratom has psychoactive effects, it is possible to develop tolerance. The tolerance might develop very quickly if you regularly consume large amounts of it. The tolerance often occurs when the user consumes the same strain for a long time or does not change the strain. After a certain point, the brain and nervous system get used to that certain strain or dose and do not respond to it.

Q6. How long does kratom take to show effects?

Kratom products generally take effect within five to ten minutes of consumption. These effects can last for two to five hours, depending upon your body's tolerance. The effects of kratom become stronger as you increase the dose, but once the body gets used to a certain dosage, you do not feel the same effects. 

Q7. How can you avoid/end kratom tolerance?

Although kratom tolerance is a common occurrence, dealing with it or avoiding it is not a difficult task. You can adopt certain measures to ensure that your body does not become dependent on kratom.

Firstly, if you are a regular user, you should start mixing up the strains instead of sticking to one. In addition to that, avoid using kratom more than two times a week, and you should not consume it for two consecutive days. This will give your body the time to return to its normal state after the effects of kratom wear out.

Secondly, you should never mix kratom with opioids for recreational purposes. The enhanced effect desensitizes your receptors towards kratom, and thus the body builds up a tolerance quickly. 

Lastly, keep on increasing the time between your kratom intake. This way, the concentration of alkaloids in your brain does not settle to a certain stable level, and this prevents your nervous system from depending on the kratom. 

Q8. What do different colors of kratom strains mean?

The different colors of kratom strains basically depend upon the age of the leaves that are used to make kratom. The strains are named white, red, and green on the basis of the age of the leaves and the different effects they have. White vein kratom is obtained from the leaves of a young plant, whereas green vein kratom is derived from a maturing plant and the red vein strain is the fully matured plant. Moreover, the concentration of alkaloids changes as the leaves grow. Thus, every strain of kratom has different properties.

Additionally, the way cultivators harvest and dry the kratom leaves can also have an impact on the effects of the product. Exposure to sunlight and the genetic makeup of the plants are also major contributors to the phenomenon.

Q9. How long does kratom stay in your system?

The time kratom products take to leave your system depends on various factors such as your age, weight, frequency of use, metabolic rate, eating habits, the amount of kratom you consume, and your genetics. Since these factors differ from person to person, you can not tell the definite time kratom stays in your system. However, the researchers are trying to find the half-life of kratom to determine the average time it takes to stay in a person's system before the body excretes it out along with the waste. 

Additionally, kratom compounds appear on a drug test. Therefore, if you have a screening test that does not tolerate kratom, you should refrain from consuming it till the screening process is over.

Q10. How many doses of kratom are enough for me?

The amount of kratom you should ideally consume depends on different factors. These factors include your age, weight, food and water intake, etc. Therefore, there is no defined limit of a safe dose. However, all of the kratom products come with instructions on the packaging. The packaging also contains information about the dosage; therefore, you should carefully read the instructions before consuming the products.

It is possible that kratom might trigger an allergic response in sensitive people or meddle with some medications. Therefore, it is better to consult your physician before starting kratom.

Kratom Vendors: Wrapping Up

To save you from spending hours and hours of your time, we decided to do the research and keen experimentation for you. We did rigorous background checkups and analyses to determine which products were worth your investment. After looking at different aspects of each and every brand on our list, we decided to choose three legitimate online kratom vendors for you.

These vendors have been in the market for some time and know what the clients want. Moreover, the companies ethically source all of the products from Southeast Asia and manufacture them in hygienic, contamination-free facilities. Moreover, these brands are members of AKA and are GMP-approved. This shows that these brands distribute clean and authentic products.

If you are a beginner and looking for a kratom brand that you can depend on for a longer time, you have stumbled upon the precise article. You have to spare a few minutes of your tie and go through the article. We are confident that you will find a product that caters to your specific needs and is not too heavy on your wallet. If you are a regular user and looking for a change, we suggest you give these brands a try. We can assure you that these products are well worth your money and you will not regret your decision.