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When growing a brand or a business, part of generating the buzz is building on creating a list of subscribers. Once you have a list you want to continue on nurturing the leads, but before you have a list of subscribers you must work on ways to begin creating that list. The beauty of your mailing list is that it has no upper limit and you can continue to grow. This is where cold outreach emails can help you build on the list. Just like all your other marketing efforts, your email marketing campaign also has an X budget and you have an expectation of a Y return on investment or ROI.

But drafting the best cold outreach email will not cut it. When you are preparing for cold outreach emails you need to think about it all: the perfect email signature generator, the ideal customer relationship management tool, the popular automation tools and everything else in between. Here are the best 10 tools for cold outreach emails, to make sure you continue to build a robust mailing list for your brand or business. This list of tools help you to make your outreach campaigns more successful.


Part of sending cold emails is trying to streamline the recipients as much as possible. In doing so, a lot of energy and resources can be stretched. A tool like Prospect.io can help make this process more structured. From helping with the type of content to the type of prospect segments you should make, this tool can help with each aspect of cold email automation and it is accessible in one dashboard.



When you are in the process of creating a cold outreach email campaign, there are many things you need to consider. In today’s day and age, there are many apps that can generate contacts for outreach. Many times it can be overwhelming for the sales team and this tool allows you to integrate Gmail for all emails and follow-ups. Reply.io is a great automation tool for your outreach emails to close deals.


The purpose of cold emails, just like all other forms of email marketing campaigns is to encourage your prospect to make a buying decision. Mixmax can be a great tool for email-based sales and outreach. Once you have your mailing list you can use this platform for templates, tracking and scheduling emails. All of which can help you nurture your leads effectively.


Starting from the first email to every single email you send through your business, you should uses each email from each employee as an opportunity to build on your brand. A great email signature like Newoldstamp will allow you to use an email signature to promote your brand and your products. This platform is great for creating professional email signatures with banners to promote your brand effectively.



Part of having successful cold outreach emails is having the right mailing list for your brand or business. A tool like Hunter.io allows you to access a database of relevant emails to make sure your mailing list is the one your brand or business deserves. This freemium tool to find email addresses helps your sales team focus on targeting their efforts towards the most relevant prospects and help your business optimize your email marketing campaigns. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail

Sales is a process that involves many steps and stages. A tool like Linkedin Sales Navigator for Gmail allows sales representatives to gather personalized information about the contacts. The goal of this platform is to use the vast database to trigger social selling. Essentially the personalization helps with streamlining the cold email process and helps improve the results of your cold outreach emails. 


Customer relationship management or CRM is important because it allows the sales team to manage the links with each prospect and nurture it to its best possible potential. HubSpot has a great list of CRM options from building a customer database to streamlining your efforts. All of which is crucial in cold outreach emails and each stage of the email marketing campaign journey.   


An email marketing campaign is not restricted to texts. Sometimes visual aids do a better job representing the message of the emails. A tool like Lemlist helps brands or businesses personalize each email with images that connect with the recipient. This approach is different and can help sales teams hit their targets in a way they want through effective cold outreach emails. 


When you draft the perfect cold outreach email, the next step is to finalize the mailing list. The last thing you want is for the email you send to bounce back. In order to validate your mailing lists and to make sure the relevant recipients get your emails, Bouncer is a great tool. Using a validation tool to improve the deliverability of emails will allow you to optimize your bold outreach emails. 


Part of having an effective email marketing campaign is integrating the outreach and tracking parts of the email efforts. SalesHandy is a tool designed for automating and tracking email outreaches. Integrating this tool in your email marketing campaign efforts, starting from your cold outreach emails, will allow you to use one platform for each step of the sales process and help you manage your outreach efforts. 


Email marketing starts from the cold email. In order to have an effective email marketing campaign you need to start from the cold outreach emails and build a system that allows you to optimize your email marketing efforts. Whether it is an email signature or an email automation tool, integrate one or many of these tools and optimize your cold outreach emails. The purpose of all of these tools is to make sure your time, effort and resources are dedicated in the right direction and yield the results you want in the form of desired ROIs.