Cannabidiol (CBD) is considered a natural alternative to traditional medications, especially for treating pain, like arthritis, and other medical conditions. Some evidence supports the health benefits of adding CBD-infused products to your daily regimen.

What Is CBD?

CBD comes from the cannabis sativa plant. The two most commonly known varieties of cannabis sativa plants are hemp and marijuana. 

CBD oil from the hemp plant has phytocannabinoids, such as trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), terpenes (responsible for the scent), and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the compound in the cannabis sativa plant that's responsible for the psychoactive effect–causes a high. 

Because CBD products derived from the hemp plant contain very little THC, they don’t cause a high. This makes CBD a healthier option and will provide the highly sought benefits of the cannabis sativa plant. 

That being said, here are the benefits of adding CBD products to your daily regimen:

1. CBD Oil for A Pain-free Experience

One of the known CBD oil benefits is pain relief. From headache, migraine, joint pain to neuropathic pain caused by nervous system damage, CBD oil proves to be effective in reducing pain. 

With less pain, a person experiences improved quality of life and can pursue the following:

  • Exercising without being restricted by painful joints or muscles 
  • Outdoor adventures and hobbies, such as biking, skiing, scuba diving, and other sports and leisure activities. 
  • Socializing without worrying about leaving the venue early because of a possible arthritis or migraine attack.

2. CBD Matches Any Diet

CBD edibles are suitable for those who want to enjoy CBD in a fun and delicious way, while still maintaining their followed diet. For instance, CBD is suitable if you're a vegetarian or follow a keto diet. 

This is because CBD products don’t contain animal oils or any animal-based ingredients, like gelatin (a milk protein) or glycerol (from animal fat). So, you can be sure that your diet still excludes meat, dairy products, eggs, and other animal-derived ingredients. 

Adding recommended drops of CBD tincture or CBD oil into your favorite food or beverages is a good way to incorporate CBD in whatever type of diet you prefer. For instance, adding a few drops of CBD oil into your early morning coffee or afternoon tea will surely help reduce stress and boost your energy.

Check out these CBD infused edible products available in the market today: 

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD cookies 
  • CBD brownies

3. CBD Promotes Better Skin Health

According to a study, CBD has anti-acne effects. This is because CBD normalizes pro-acne agents caused by excessive production of sebaceous lipids and reduces the proliferation of acne. CBD also alleviates inflammation in sebum-producing cells or sebocytes. 

Here's how to incorporate CBD products into your skin routine: 

  • CBD Cream: To help moisturize the skin and avoid or treat skin irritations, commercially-prepared CBD creams are available.
  • CBD Balm: CBD balm is usually mixed with peppermint oil, eucalyptus, tea tree, and other essential oils. It's a CBD-infused topical preparation used to soothe, rejuvenate, and heal the skin, bringing plenty of benefits for different skin conditions. Also, to soothe sore muscles CBD balm can be rubbed to the affected area. 
  • CBD Lotion: This CBD skincare product helps lock the moisture in the skin to avoid dryness and dullness.

Combat Stress and Anxiety 

Along with other recommended foods, you can also incorporate CBD to fight stress and help boost immunity. To help combat stress and anxiety, here are ways to consume CBD:

  • Vaping CBD: Using a dry herb, you can vape ground CBD flowers and benefit from the vaporization technology available today. It's a safer and healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, too. 
  • Sublingual: Take a few drops of CBD tincture under the tongue for immediate relaxation.
  • Oral Ingestion: Since CBD takes time to be absorbed in the gut, ingesting a dose of CBD provides longer-lasting relaxation.

CBD Products Are Safe

Since CBD is cultivated through sustainable agricultural practices, CBD supplements are natural and are non-GMO. Therefore, they’re healthy and safe to consume. 

Hemp plants are naturally grown by hemp farmers without modifying their strains. This means that crossbreeding these hemp plants doesn’t involve genetic alterations or modifications.

Promote Better Sleep

Because CBD helps relieve stress, a person easily gets into the mood for rest and sleep. Therefore, CBD may help insomniacs. 

Taking CBD tincture sublingually or under your tongue an hour before bedtime can help you relax and set your body and mind for sleep. The next morning, you’ll feel more energized to do all your tasks throughout the day.


CBD-infused products aren't trending without reason. The health benefits of CBD products include pain and stress relief. They’re also safe to use and help reduce the signs and symptoms of different ailments, like arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety. They also alleviate many other physical and psychological problems. However, you must check with your doctor about the dose to experience the benefits of CBD.