While QuickBooks is one of the most reliable accounting solutions available, as far as hosting is concerned, users have to be extra cautious about privacy and security. Traditionally, people would install the accounting solution on their desktops, laptops, or even on-premises servers. They had to manage the entire infrastructure. That changed once the market saw the arrival of QuickBooks Cloud solutions. This reduced expenses and the trouble involved in maintaining the infrastructure. The advantages are not limited to these factors.

Now QuickBooks offers a lot more features when it is hosted on the cloud. It can be accessed remotely and has significantly better security features. It is the perfect solution for dynamic people who are constantly on the move. Such people might also have to give access privileges to other colleagues. To ensure that your QuickBooks installation works seamlessly on the cloud, you must collaborate with a hosting service provider. When you select your provider, the first and foremost consideration is your data security. This is because you are entrusting QuickBooks with important information such as financial data that is stored on their servers. 

There are different types of solutions when you opt for a desktop as a service QuickBooks hosting solution. While shared hosting might be the appropriate solution for some users, others might require dedicated hosting. Nonetheless, all businesses will have to rely on some form of cloud hosting or another that is safe, secure, and reliable. Most hosting service providers will ensure that their resources that are being used to store your data are adequately protected. However, you will still have to be very careful when you are working with QuickBooks hosting provider. Some of the factors that you will have to consider are stated below.

Use Strong Password

This cliched advice applies to hosted QuickBooks Desktop too. The hosting service provider will give you access to a virtual desktop on which QuickBooks is installed. You will have to set your credentials in such a way that it is not easy for hackers to guess your password. Use passwords that include alphabets, numbers, and special characters, or as directed by the provider.

Logout After Each Session

Many users on laptops or even desktop leave their system on and walk away. Sometimes the system is not even locked, and applications continue to run even when people are away. Don't ever make the mistake of keeping your books open on different devices and log off before you work on your physical system. This will ensure that there are no conflicts and will also keep your data safe.

Use Multi-User Access Carefully

If you get a good QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions pricing, you should opt for the most advanced version of QuickBooks. This will allow you to share data with your colleagues. However, you will also have to ensure that the data is handled carefully. To do this, it might be a good idea to restrict certain functionalities in the multi-user mode for different people.

These steps should be enough to ensure that your data is safe with the QuickBooks hosting provider. Some of them even provide  Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration, that you can avail of for superior hosted QuickBooks Desktop experience.

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