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Arctos Portable AC is one of the most popular air cooler units in the United States and Canada in the summertime to help fight the heat wave and the scorching, unbearable weather. Asides from it being a personal space cooler and less expensive with lower energy usage, there are several other unanswered questions about the device, such as its cons, scam reports, and whether or not it is even worth buying. In this Arctos Portable AC Reviews, we cover every detail about this portable air cooler to help you decide whether it is a reasonable buy or a waste of money. Let's get started!



Arctos Portable AC Reviews

Surviving the record rise in heat intensity and heat wave duration is no joke. Exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat-related conditions are unfavorable to anyone, especially those with an underlying medical illness. Therefore, running your air conditioner all day is one of the ways to combat the heat situation. However, they are not cheap to buy and consistently use as many individuals cannot afford an air conditioner unit since its price and demand are both on the rise.


In such a scenario, seeking an alternative is not out of place, and if you're in search of a portable air cooler unit that can keep your personal space chilled for as long as you wish, providing fresh, cool air, then keep reading this Arctos air cooler review to know how it works, its features, specifications, customer reviews, where to buy, etc.

Arctos Cooler Reviews​

Arctos air cooler is a portable ac device that uses water and freezing technology to provide chilled fresh air on demand. It is compact-sized, can be carried about, is easy to use, doesn't require installation, and has low maintenance and power usage. It is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 by customer reviews and reports.


Is Arctos a scam portable ac that doesn't deliver on its claims? Before we can answer that, we need to cover ground on its claims. Irrespective of what you must have read about this device online or on YouTube, there could be exaggerations by desperate sellers that could overhype the portable AC. Below are the concise facts about Arctos cooler.

Arctos Portable AC Specifications

These are the actualities about the Arctos AC, so you need to know these before buying so as not to get utterly disappointed in your purchase.

  1. Arctos AC Is An Air Cooler, Not An Air Conditioner: When people hear AC, the first thing that comes to mind is Air conditioner, and there might be this certain expectation of purchasing a portable air conditioner, whereas the device itself is a portable air cooler. Sales promoters might get carried away and make such false claims, but you should beware. Despite having more affordability and other perks, the Arctos portable ac shouldn't be expected to replace your air conditioner unit.
  2. It Doesn't Have A Battery: Neither a rechargeable nor non-rechargeable battery can be used on the device. And although having the option to charge and use it later would have made so much sense, this is a plug-and-use gadget and comes with a 5V DC cord with low power consumption, which slightly makes up for it.
  • It is Compact: The device is indeed portable with a dimension of 145 x 165 x 165 mm. Since it was designed to be transported about, it is also very lightweight, so there shouldn't be any struggle in putting it inside a bag and taking it with you anywhere.
  • It Has A Water Tank: The air cooler unit has a refillable water tank with a capacity of 450 ml, which is less than a liter. The tank has to have water in it to generate cool air.
  • Arctos Serves as Both an Air cooler and Humidifier.
  • There Is A Replaceable Water Filter: The water filter has to be soaked in water or frozen before arctos portable ac is used, and it ensures that dust and particles do not escape and you receive only fresh, clean, cool air.
  • Three Speed Modes: You can choose from the three-speed modes (Breeze, Cool, and Chill) for your desired cooling setting. The modes, as their names suggest, have a progressive cooling effect.
  • It Is Not Noiseless: Arctos ac is not a completely silent device as it has a fan. However, it generates very low noise that is easily ignored and doesn't disturb your study, meditation, or sleep.
  • Movable Vent: The vent of the Arctos portable ac can be moved in different directions to direct the airflow as desired, unlike some air coolers that have fixed vents.
  • There are LED Lights: This light isn't intended for reading or lighting up a dark room, but they are fanciful and come in White, Red, Teal, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple.

We'll discuss a little bit more on the device's features, but moving on, let's understand how to use the air cooler.

How Does Arctos Portable Ac Work?

Arctos portable ac works by using an hydrochill concept that utilizes the water in the tank to add moisture to the air, making your personal space and immediate surroundings more chilled. It can act as either a fan, air cooler, or humidifier. 


As an air cooler, its method of cooling and operation differs from a traditional air conditioner. It doesn't generate water while in use but uses water to operate. It also uses very little electrical power as it isn't a complex device with many components. Arctos portable ac reviews that it will make your personal space cooler within minutes.


How To Use

These are the easy steps that Arctos ac customers need to adhere to in order to get the air cooler unit ready to use at all times.

  1. The first step is to decide where to place the device, as it must be on a flat surface, close enough to you, and not too high.
  2. Once decided, clear the surface of dust or water droplets.
  3. Turn to the back of the unit and insert one end of the power cord, and put the other end into a wall outlet.
  4. Remember the water filter we talked about? Well, take it out, soak it in water (or, if possible, freeze it for more cooling), and put it back in the drawer.
  5. Fill up the water tank, but be careful to avoid spillage. If there are any, do clean up right after.
  6. Set the speed mode and enjoy the cool air of Arctos ac.

Pros and Cons

The air cooler has some areas where it edges over market competitors and where it has some drawbacks. This Arctos portable ac review wouldn't be transparent enough without highlighting its pros and cons. Let's begin with the pros.

Pocket Friendliness: Getting a portable air cooler that works just as well as Arctos for under 100 USD is a snatch. Getting cool air to fight the summer heat doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. It's also a one-time payment for the device without additional cost or installation fees as it comes delivered with everything needed, including the user guide.


Durability: The air cooler unit is super durable and efficient in producing cool air for your personal space. The stylish design could be deceiving, but it is one rugged portable ac.


Stylish: With the contemporary design, sleek body, and led light, the device is stylish and can fit into any background. It can sit right on your desktop and give color to the room. Furthermore, it has a more pleasing appearance compared to some mini air coolers.


Low Energy Consumption: In the US, Canada, and Europe, in the summer, when the heat level goes haywire, running your air conditioner unit all day might feel like the best way out, but that sentiment will definitely change when the electricity bill arrives. Arctos portable ac will save you enormously on power usage in the long run as you can use it all day without any worries.

Movability: The air-cooling experience isn't restricted to a specific position or point. You can carry it around anywhere, from the home library to the bedroom to the kitchen and home office. Anywhere you need to be at any time, the Arctos ac can go with you.


Quality Air: The device was designed in a manner whereby the water filter removes all dust and particles and lets out only cool and fresh air. But to ensure it does this properly, the filter must be properly maintained and replaced within 12 to 24 weeks.


Different Fan Speed: Sometimes, we might not just be in need of very cool air but something a bit warmer on the skin. Well, the Arctos ac has three different fan speeds with varying strength, from the breeze (which is the lowest in freezing level), Cool, and Chill (the highest). You can pick your poison as you please as this isn't a one-speed-only air cooling unit.


A Low Maintenance Device: The maintenance required to keep the air cooler running at its optimal condition isn't cumbersome and doesn't require hiring a technician or expert. Simply refill the water tank when required, replace the filter every 3-6 months, or when you spot molds starting to form on it, and with a clean cloth and a soft brush, you can clean the body and the air vent and be done within a few minutes.

No Installation Hassles: You don't need to bother about complex installation processes or pay anyone to help install your Arctos portable ac unit as it can be set up for use within a few minutes all by yourself.

Up To 55% Discount and Moneyback Guarantee: Provided that you order directly on the company's official website while stock is available since it sells out fast, you're covered in the 60-day money-back guarantee and will get the air cooler at 55% OFF!


  • It Cannot Be Recharged: You have to always have the DC cord connected to a power supply to use the Arctos ac as it doesn't come with a battery.
  • Limited Availability: The air cooler is limited in supply due to high demand and where to buy it. The legit Arctos portable AC is only available on its official website.
  • The Water Tank Use: Refilling the water tank anytime it gets empty could start to feel like a task to some people over time.
  • Arctos is a personal space air cooler and might not be able to cool large spaces or rooms or many people at the same time.

Arctos Portable AC Precautions [Safety]

Safety is paramount, and when using an electronic device like the Arctos portable ac, one needs to take some precautionary measures to avoid getting an electric shock, damaging the unit body, or making it malfunction. Follow the following safety tips:

  • To prevent water spillage while the air cooler unit is in use, ensure it is not tilted but always kept on a flat surface.
  • When moving the gadget around, maybe from the study to the kitchen or bedroom, avoid keeping it in an upside-down position so that the water doesn't pour out.
  • Due to its compact size, you could hit it mistakenly when kept too close to the edges and cause damage.
  • Ensure that the power cord is completely dry on both ends before inserting it into the ac unit and the wall outlet
  • Once you start noticing molds or it's been 3-6 months of use, the water filter needs to be replaced ASAP.
  • Want to travel or won't be around to use the arctos cooler for a long time? Pack it up dry and without water in the tank.

Arctos Portable Ac Cost on Official Website (And Where to Buy)

Where you buy a product is just as important as the product itself because ordering from suspicious places could, unfortunately, get you a replica or knockoff. On that note, the legit, trustworthy place to buy Arctos portable AC is its official website. Aside from getting it at the best price (reaching 55% OFF), you will get a money-back warranty for 60 days.

Prices (Cost)

  • A single unit of the Arctos portable AC (Air Cooler) costs 89.99 USD
  • Two Units have a price of 179.98 USD
  • 3 Units - 201.99 USD
  • 4 Units - 246.99 USD


The payment procedure is seamless, and the processors are enough to accommodate everyone. You can pay through Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, or your card: Mastercard, Amex, Visa, JCB, and Discover.


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Is Arctos Portable Ac A Scam

Although there are several scam complaints, the Arctos Air Cooler is not a scam ac as it delivers on what it claims: cooling the air rapidly within minutes. Let's cover the scam reports next.

Arctos Portable AC Scam Complaints

Arctos portable Ac customer negative reviews all come down to their disappointment in their expectations due to their speculations and what they perceive the air cooler to be.


Most Arctos Portable AC scam complaints are about two major things: The cooling effect and battery. Some people think this mini air cooler is actually a portable air conditioner, which it isn't. They expect it to cool a big room like the traditional hyperpower split air conditioner unit would, which is almost impossible. Arctos ac is a personal space cooler and shouldn't be considered an air conditioner.


Further, most people expect it to be rechargeable and last for hours in use, and that's also a wrong expectation. Arctos Air cooler is not rechargeable and has no battery feature. Be sure to check all the device's specifications in this review article.

Arctos Portable Ac Walmart, Amazon, Target, Lowes, Home Depot Store

Buying Arctos Portable AC on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, or other retailers could be tempting. Like, who has time to order stuff online and wait for it to be delivered when there's a walk-in store selling the same item down the block, right? Well, it is strongly recommended that you buy the air cooler on its Arctos official website to ensure you're getting the legit device, and with an order number upon purchase, you can track your item and contact the company for any reason whatsoever. Buying from third-party sellers could leave you open to scams.

Arctos Portable Ac Customer Reviews in Canada and US

Does arctos portable Ac really work? Judging by the thousands of customer reviews and ratings from the US, Canada, UK, and other parts of the world, it's clear that the air cooler does really work.


However, don't take our words for it. These are what people are saying and rating the gadget.


Arctos Portable Ac Filter Replacement

The Arctos ac water filter is essential in the cooling process. It has to be soaked in water or can be frozen, as you wish, and inserted in the drawer of the cooling unit. It ensures that the air stays clean and free of dust and particles. However, it is meant to be replaced every three to six months or once molds start to gather on it. For arctos replacement filters, you should contact the company for assistance by sending an email to ​[email protected].

Arctos Portable Ac Manual

The user manual of the Arctos air cooler comes in the delivery package. It has practical instructions on using and maintaining the device, from soaking the water filter to refilling the tank. If you still need further answers to queries, you can reach out to the Arctos portable ac support team at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is arctos portable AC made?

Arctos portable AC is made in the United States of America but also ships to Canada.


How much is the Arctos portable AC unit?

The Arctos air cooler has a starting price of 89.99 USD for a single unit.

Does arctos run on batteries?

No. Arctos has no batteries (in-built or external) as it is not a rechargeable device.


How many people can the Arctos personal space cooler cool?

It depends on the room size, but it is expected to carry out a single person cooling at a time.

Is Arctos a good air conditioner?

Arctos is NOT an air conditioner. It is, however, a good and legit air cooler for your personal space.


Can I use Arctos portable Ac for my Car?

Yes, you can, as long as you have a power source to keep the cooling unit running.


How long does arctos take to ship?

The expected delivery time is 7-10 days, and you'd get proper tracking means/code in your order confirmation email. However, since it's in high demand and selling extremely fast, it might take as long as two weeks to get to you. However, shipments are processed and shipped out as soon as possible.

Conclusion of Arctos Portable Air Cooler Reviews

In conclusion of the Arctos air cooler review, this portable ac has been bare open to you to clear your doubts and unreal expectations. For on-demand cooling at home, in the office, or anywhere you might find yourself during this summer heat season, be sure of fresh air hitting your skin at all times. There is no need for embarrassing sweating and fatigue or excessive bills when you can always use this arctos portable ac to keep your personal space cool.


Arctos Portable Ac is rated a 4.8 out of 5.0 when checking on average the customer reviews of the air-cooling unit. This air cooler is portable, has great features, and comes in handy to help fight the heat and stay cool and comfortable.

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