These days, we are able to purchase several items on credit. Company credits are reports associated with a company which account for the way the company has managed its credits. Almost every company has a credit account, it is almost impossible for a company not to.

Checking the credit account of a company has numerous benefits, the major one being to know a company’s level of trust. 

How to Check a Company’s Credit

You can check a company’s credit by simply knowing the company to look out for. To check, the first thing you have to do is to find out basic information about the company. The information includes the name of the company, the location, what they do, among others. This simple task can easily be carried out by an internet search. In the case of not having a business or reference card, the company’s website can also be searched for. Most likely, you will find the necessary information on the website. If you do not the company’s website, you can shortlist companies using their niches and geographical location. Another alternative is The Dun & Bradstreet website. This is an international database that contains information about companies from all over the world.

How to Run a Company’s Credit Check 

  1. Do a simple google search 

The first step is to search for an online credit agency. A company’s credit report can easily be checked with the help of an online agency. Credit agencies have a collection of data containing company information, along with company credit reports. A reputable credit agency can be found by typing “business credit reports” on the search bar. A lot of agencies will be listed there, and you will have to narrow it down. Depending on your location, a reliable website should be selected.

  1. Register

After choosing a credit agency, the next step is online registration. An account should be opened by filling in required slots like your name, email address, phone number, an account password, and others. Once this has been completed and your account has been verified, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Get the information you need

The name of the company can now be searched for on the online credit agency. The parameters of the search include the name of the company, the country, state, and town of the company. The importance of filling in these parameters is to narrow the search down. If just the company name is inserted, it can lead to confusion as hundreds of search results will be seen. This is exhausting, it is, therefore, better to have the necessary parameters. When you find the company you want, it should be clicked on, this takes you to a new page. Different credit report options for that company will be shown. The business’s score on the credit report should be located and checked. A business credit report has a score that ranges from 1 - 100. For the check to be positive, the score has to be above 70. This means the company pays early and is trustworthy. A company with a credit score below 30 is likely in bankruptcy.

  1. Evaluation 

The information you have gained should be analyzed diligently. This is to judge the company so you can make the right business decisions.

Completing The Transaction 

You can get a company credit check for free, but not always. The information can come at a price for different credit checking websites. You will be asked to pay during the registration process for a premium online agency service. A credit report can contain a ranking number and an overview of the credit profile of the company. Another credit report which is more expensive than the former would provide a more in-depth view. 

Dun & Bradstreet has the largest database of credit reports with over 70 million credit listings. It offers a simple business report service and an in-depth service which costs more. The costly one is called the Credit Reporter Plus and gives an assurance of 5 reports, along with additional features. Equifax and ExperianSmartBusinessReports are other examples of paid company credit checking agencies.

A good online company credit website that offers free services is www.reportingaccounts.com. They have a growing database of information regarding company finances, risk factors, and so on. If you’re looking for a free service with accurate information, you should definitely check this website.

Functions of Checking Company Credit

Knowing the credit report of a company is very important. The company credit report is a measure of past debts and how those debts were paid. Here are some of the importance:

  • It is used to make good business decisions - Other companies and even potential clients can use your credit score to make important decisions. If the score is on the positive side, the company or client can choose to accept a request from the company or even do business with. A high credit score indicates positive information about the company and the higher the score, the more likely the company is to get loan approval.
  • Employment purposes - A person looking for a job in a company has made sure of a few things. It is only wise that the credit report of that company should be checked. This is to ensure that the company is reputable enough to work in. When the person checks and confirms that the company has a high credit score with low risk, the efficiency of the person to acquire the job will increase. 
  • Better control risk and increases cash flow - This function is for the benefit of the company. The company should monitor its business credit score of online agencies to know the next step to take. Growth can be checked by doing this, thereby controlling risks. It also increases cash flow by generating new clientele from the high credit score.


A company with credit checks will most likely be successful than a company without it. Credit checks are essentially important. It allows stronger relationships, builds better strategies, healthy competition mentality and many more. A good business decision is sure to be made.