One of the most devastating experiences is to have your home damaged due to different types of natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons, and hurricanes. One of the things you would want to do immediately is to claim your insurance and repair your home so you can already take shelter in it. Not only homes but business structures can also be damaged. This can cause a loss of income for your daily living. The longer you take in processing your insurance and repairing whatever is damaged, the longer you have to endure taking shelter in a different place and halting your business operation.

Filing a roofing damage insurance claim can be complicated and stressful. To help you with it, here is a guide for the whole process:

  1.  Start looking for damage immediately

After the weather conditions have become stable, you have ensured everyone's safety, and it is already safe to enter and check your house, immediately assess the situation of your roof. Contact your roofing contractor directly when there are noticeable damages, leaks, and other concerns. However, even without visible damages, it is essential to have a contractor inspect your roof. Some damages can go unseen, especially when you do not have the expertise of a roofing contractor.

There can be different insurance policies for different roof types and damages. Some insurance companies have limits on how long you can let time pass and still have your roof repairs still covered by the insurance company.

  1. Document all the roof damages and do it frequently

Take complete photos and videos of the condition of your roof, especially the damages it had suffered. Compile them so you can readily provide them when asked by your insurance company. This can make the insurance claim process faster. More so, it can be beneficial for your roofing contractor. You should also document post-repair and post-maintenance photos. Do not forget to stamp it with the time and date.

  1. Gather the needed information

In claiming roofing damage insurance, you will need to know the roof's damages and what actions or services will be required to restore it. Ask your roofing company after inspection about this so you can provide a written explanation to your insurance company about what repairs are needed and the estimated costs it would incur. Your roofing company can present you with a repair plan.

  1. Have a public adjuster or roofing company prepared

Already having a public adjuster or roofing company that provides excellent residential, commercial and industrial roofing services can make a claim faster. They also guide and support you in ensuring that the amount you get from your insurance company is truly enough for the repairs needed. It can jumpstart the process when you already have a roofing company.

  1. Have a copy of all the documents

Always keep copies of all your insurance policies, documents of the roof damage and repairs, and contact information of your public adjuster or roofing contractor. This helps you report the damages and determine which are covered. Different insurance policies can have specific coverage for damages.