Twenty-somethings are a special sub-group in any culture. They are strong in their opinions and principles. Yet, they also have a sense of adventure, risk-taking, and a strong desire to have amazing experiences before they are actually “forced” into adulting. 

One way to satisfy these desires is to travel – travel to places that offer adventure, some physical risk-taking, all-night nightlife, and sights and sounds that may well be once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Here are eight places that will satisfy your wanderlust and give you many memories later in life, when your “tastes” for travel have become less “adventurous.”

  1. Iceland

If you are into hiking and strange food experiences, this may be one place you won’t forget. Land in Reykjavik, the capital city, where most of the population lives. From there, you can hike or bike on all sorts of trails, leading to mountain and volcano hikes. And if you go between September and April, you will be able to see the Northern Lights at their best – a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. Eating is an adventure of its own – puffin and pickled shark are two options. Bring warm clothing. No need to worry about any professional translator services, as long as you speak English

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  1. Machu Picchu Peru

The lost city of the Incas remains untouched because the government of Peru has insisted on it. Those with the physical stamina can hike the Andes mountains or, if wanting a less rigorous method, take a train from Cuco. The hike is multi-day, but you will have amazing views, although many of these are also experienced via the train ride. You will need to view the ruins from afar because tourists are not allowed to tramp through the actual site. Still, the experience is unforgettable and one that you will look back on with amazing memories.

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  1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Here is a city just made for the young – hostels, red-light district, and 24-hour partying atmosphere. For those with a bent toward history, there are also museums and the home of Anne Frank, located just outside the city. Stay outside the city as well, if you are on a budget – the trains are often, reliable, and fast. Nightlife in Amsterdam is an experience in itself, and you should experience it while you are still young and able to forego sleep. 

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  1. Ibiza, Spain

Lots of destinations in Spain offer young people what they may seek for a fun, party atmosphere. Granada is one such place. One lesser-known spot in Ibiza, an island off the coast in the Mediterranean. Here is a place for a never-ending party, music festivals, as well as great beaches, pool parties, and such. Amazingly, there are also yoga retreats. So, when the party atmosphere burns you out a bit, you have a quiet respite to re-energize. If you are planning such a trip and do not speak a word of Spanish, no worries. Plan in advance to learn a few important phrases, and useful tips and tools, such as Google Translate, to navigate your way through any language barriers.

  1. New Zealand

Queenstown is the place to begin your adventure in New Zealand. Here, outdoor adventures abound – everything from paragliding, to hiking through its wine country, mountain biking, and bungee jumping. One attraction for the truly risk-taking crowd is the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, an amazing and probably terrifying bungee jumping spot.

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  1. Havana, Cuba

The past is alive in Havana, and with travel restrictions eased for Americans, this has become a popular destination for all ages, young people included. Anyone who wants to see present-day Cuba should go now because over time it will modernize. For now, though, it is an excursion into what life was like in much of North America in the 1950s. The food is amazing, and you can walk the streets of an environment that will soon be gone. Later on in your life, you will be glad you visited and have pictures and videos of what used to be. There may be special travel documents required for visitors from some countries. If this is the case for you, be certain to find the best translation agency to prepare them. You don’t want any hitches.

  1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

For those who want everything in one spot, this is the destination. Mountains, rain forests, beaches, and nightlife all come together in this city. You can hike and climb through the rain forests of the Corcovado Mountain range, all the way up to Christ the Redeemer; you can eat amazing food, party all night with the locals, and recuperate on the Copacabana Beach the following day. If you go during the spring, there are lots of Carnivals (festivals). 

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  1. South Africa

Western Cape is probably your best destination if you want lots of adventure. Take a safari; go to Bloukrans Bridge and bungee jump off of the tallest bungee jumping bridge in the world. Even walking and standing on this bridge watching the others jump is an adventure you won’t forget. There’s plenty of climbing and hiking opportunities too. There are lots to see, plenty of nightlife, and an ultimate memory you will carry with you forever.

Is That All?

Oh my, no. There are spots all over the globe with fun and adventure for twenty-somethings. These eight are just the “tip of the iceberg.” Do some research on your own and pick those places that will best meet your specific desires. 

Author Bio: Merissa Moore is a recent twenty-something who has done her share of traveling, research, and writing. She is a frequent contributor to blogs and forums that address everything from new working environments to employee motivation, to leadership, to travel and lifestyles. In her spare time, Moore subjects her friends to gourmet cooking experiments and plays guitar in a local Indie band.