Spy phone apps can make your life easier by helping you track other’s activities.   

These are smartphone surveillance applications that ease the task of tracking stolen phones. You can detect suspicious activity on your child's phone, and create a safe digital environment. There are several spy apps out there, but not all are safe and effective.

After hours of thorough analysis and test runs, Halvorson Media Group has announced the release of the report "Best Android Phone Spy Apps." These will aid users in choosing the best product.

Evaluation Criteria


What good will a spy phone app do if you can't use it the way you want right? We ensure that the services reviewed through this release qualify phone spy apps as per utility.

Customer Support:

Prompt, responsible, and selfless customer support is a must. Our reviewed spyware apps cater to your needs 24/7 and at the earliest.


Our press release features some of the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone. They are engineered with a convenient UI & UX. This enables even non-tech savvy users to get around using these services.

Which ANdroid Apps Have We Reviewed Today?

  • mSpy;
  • Spyera;
  • ClevGuard;
  • SentryPC;
  • uMobix;
  • iKeyMonitor;
  • Mobile-Spy;
  • TheOneSpy.


Our Score: 8.1/10

mSpy is a popular phone monitoring app among parents. It has primary features like access to the target device's GPS location. You can even access social media accounts and call history.

Why Do Users Recommend mSpy?

  1. Encrypted data which only you can access.
  2. Check web history and activity on suspicious domains.
  3. Access to media like photos, audio, and video.
  4. Beneficial Reviews by Users
  5. Sitejabber: Various reviews highlight mSpy's utility as a phone spy app for tracking their child's device.
  6. Trustpilot: However, some user reviews complain of inadequate customer service.


Our Score: 6.4/10

Spyera is one of those spyware apps that will help you secure your business. It keeps track of suspicious activity by your employees and helps them in times of need.

Why Do Users Recommend Spyera?

  1. Records keylogger strokes.
  2. Upload data to your device with the Silent Sync feature.
  3. Track web history to ensure the integrity of your company's data.
  4. User Testimonials
  5. Trustpilot: Users claim that Spyera works partially and doesn't provide prompt refunds.
  6. Reddit: Users on Reddit gave mixed reviews for the app.


Our Score: 6.6/10

ClevGuard provides services for monitoring devices of your children and your significant other.

Why Do Users Recommend ClevGuard?

  1. Provides spyware apps for WhatsApp, cloud data, and multimedia.
  2. iPhone spy app without jailbreaking.
  3. Best spy app for android without device rooting.
  4. What are users saying?
  5. Trustpilot: Some users talk about positives like quick access to the target's social media.
  6. Reddit: Negative reviews from Reddit users.


Our Score: 7.8/10

SentryPC is a PC service for monitoring and controlling communication platforms. It also controls data outflow and protects sensitive information.

Why Do Users Recommend SentryPC?

  1. Filter harmful websites, games, and messaging platforms.
  2. Keep activity log records.
  3. Service operates in stealth.
  4. Popular Reviews;
  5. Capterra: Some users claim that SentryPC was complex to handle.
  6. TechRadar: Considered useful to record and visualize data.


Our Score: 8.8/10

uMobix is helpful as a parental control app for Android to protect your children from online predators. It is also beneficial for individuals in troubled relationships.

Why Do Users Recommend uMobix?

  1. uMobix spy phone app provides real-time updates.
  2. Full access to Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Ensure your child's safety with real-time GPS data.
  4. User Testimonials At Review Platforms
  5. Trustpilot: 4 out of 5 users appreciate uMobix's services and simple interface.
  6. Sitejabber: Users talk positively about features like online status indicators.


Our Score: 8.5/10

Is your child harassed in school, or do they think of self-harm? You can get your questions answered with various features by iKeyMonitor.

Why Do Users Recommend iKeyMonitor?

  1. Monitor chats and set alerts for suspicious messages.
  2. It runs in the background and is tamper-proof.
  3. View live screen activities.
  4. Reviews State The Following;
  5. Trustpilot: Parents claim that iKeyMonitor is one of the best spy apps to protect children from hackers.
  6. Sitejabber: Users appreciate the service's effectiveness in blocking unwanted sites.

Mobile Spy

Our Score: 7.8/10

Mobile Spy offers solutions to track your child's and employee's suspicious smartphone activity. But, the company has recently stopped its spy phone app services.

Why Do Users Recommend Mobile Spy?

  1. Block unwanted apps on the target's phone.
  2. Set a profanity filter on your child's device.
  3. Get live screen access.
  4. Reviews at Popular Platforms
  5. Trustpilot: Users highlight responsive customer service.
  6. ReviewSpyApps: Parents claim that the instant alert feature helps them lock harmful sites.


Our Score: 8.7/10

TheOneSpy provides services to protect your company's authorized data and intellectual properties. Keep track of your employee's suspicious activities.

Why Do Users Recommend TheOneSpy?

  1. Track incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Get access to live GPS location.
  3. Uninstall apps on the target device remotely.
  4. User Testimonials
  5. Trustpilot: Users say it helps to track employees slacking from work.
  6. Sitejabber: Parents claim that TheOneSpy offers convenient UI and UX.

What parameters to consider before buying a spy app for Android?

In addition to the fact that the choice of application should take into account the desired functions and purpose of monitoring (parental control, employee control, etc.), it is important to consider the methods of using such a spying tool.

If you have not had enough of the applications in the list above and plan to look at other programs, pay attention to some important criteria

  1. Reliability. Does the app site guarantee the legality of its installation and use? Be sure to check this point, as it is crucial to choose a reliable and transparent app that will have legitimate methods of tracking a person.
  2. Support. In case of problems, it is important to have access to customer support. This will not only make sure that your spyware is working properly but also get answers to your questions promptly. Give preference to the application that offers the fastest and most reliable support service.
  3. Updates. Is the program updated regularly? Make sure that your tool is still in development to keep track of updates for your mobile operating system. An outdated version of the app won't do any good.

Spyware and the legality of the use

Spyware is quite risky to use because you can easily forget about the legal framework. Spying on someone else's phone is not child's play, but in today's world, such apps are perfectly legal. Only their improper use can lead you to respond. Therefore, it is worth highlighting quite acceptable situations that allow the use of monitoring tools:

  1. Parental control and child protection. If the device that your underage child is using belongs to you and the subscription to the mobile operator is in your name, it is quite legal to establish monitoring in this case. However, if your child is an adult, he needs to be notified about the installation of the monitoring and get permission.
  2. Improving productivity and protection against information leaks. If you are the head of a company and you want to monitor the devices your employees use, it is also legal to install monitoring applications. That said, the CNIL and your employees must be aware of such innovations and confirm their consent in writing.

No other cases are legal, especially if you decide to check your spouse's fidelity or to monitor someone you know without their knowledge.


Spyware was definitely not developed with any malicious intent, as many have surely thought. The purpose of spyware is to control and monitor children and their loved ones. There are just as many dangers on the Internet as there are on the street. Therefore, the desire of parents to provide their children with additional security is quite natural. Such software is, above all, parental control and care.

However, these programs can also be used in business by mutual agreement of a manager and employees to prevent possible information leakage or to increase labor productivity in a collective. Alas, unkind relatives or acquaintances can also spy on you, trying to find out confidential information, if they managed to install the application on your device. All in all, if you apply spy apps for Android correctly, they will definitely bring benefits.