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Today, China remains one of the most attractive countries for work, business and project implementation. The economy of this Asian country has shown amazing growth. The list of professions in demand is expanding. The labor market is constantly reshaping, in a response to changes in politics, economics, and the social sphere.

Many vacancies are of great interest to fresh graduates. Some areas are developing so fast that there is a shortage of specialists. Thus, it is useful for students to know the main professional trends in China. This article highlights 7 jobs a graduate can be successful in.


China is strengthening its economic position at an incredible rate. The country needs to attract young marketers and sales staff. International companies often look for marketing, brand, or PR interns. Students realize that it is essential to broaden their competencies and gain experience in the chosen area.

But job duties need lots of energy and concentration. Sometimes, students can’t focus on lectures or academic tasks due to the lack of free time. Those who want to avoid problems with college courses turn to essay writer service to order essay paper and don’t worry about grades. This way, students manage to achieve high results in an internship without disappointing their professors.

A marketer who plans to work in China must study Chinese social networks. It’s necessary to assess the specifics of the audience to be able to promote products successfully. When choosing this area, it is important to take into account that Chinese media have their own characteristics and rules. For example, there is no alcohol in advertising. Promoting low-quality products or services is forbidden, too.

The main period for marketers falls not on Black Friday or Christmas, but Singles’ Day and Lunar New Year. The main platform for promoting goods in China is social media, as the media are strictly controlled by the government. Another thing that is important to learn is that Google doesn’t work in China.

IT Industry

The labor market in China is open to everyone. Yet, high competition is observed in the field of innovative technologies. 

The scale of the country's industrialization is really high. So, IT industry specialists are the driving force behind innovation. People who have a degree in web-engineering and architecture are in great demand, too. Specialists in the field of programming and application development can easily find a job.

Web developers, programmers, creators of computer games and applications will quickly get employed. Also, cybersecurity specialists are in demand, since the level of Internet fraud in China is quite high.

The amount of work in the field of IT is huge. It's not surprising for a Chinese office worker to stay in the office overnight when a deadline is running short. Many companies install beds in their offices so that employees can spend the night at work.

Those who want to have some fun during the semester can apply for a position of a motivator for programmers. The responsibilities include communicating with employees, distributing tea and treats. Motivators are helpful when it comes to creating a peaceful and friendly atmosphere in the office. 

The job position aims at increasing social communication among employees. It’s necessary for relieving work stress and increasing overall productivity.


One of the most in-demand positions in the labor market in China is an English teacher. It doesn’t lose its relevance over the years and they are constantly improving students’ english writing skills . There are lots of employers: public schools, private schools, preschool institutions. Chinese parents want their children to attend English courses from a very young age so that they can freely travel all over the world later.

Also, English teachers will always have extra income in the form of tutoring. As for the primary schools, learning takes place in a playful way, with cards, drawings and toys. In this way, children are motivated to study.

Knowledge of the Chinese language can be basic, or minimal. The teacher usually has an assistant who speaks Chinese.

An English translator is an indispensable profession in many international companies. A specialist will be more in demand if he or she speaks other foreign languages in addition to English. An English translator will always find themselves in the role of a consultant, negotiation coordinator, guide, or simultaneous interpreter. Simultaneous interpreters are one of the highest-paid professions in China.

Jobs for Creative Ones

Show business is another industry where talented young people are in great demand. Solo musicians, bands and dancers can find a suitable job for themselves from a variety of offers. This requires a high-quality resume writing that can be provided to the producer. If the audience likes the program, it is possible to sign a long-term contract with the employer.

China is one of the top manufacturers in the world when it comes to clothes. For the production of high-quality clothes, Chinese manufacturers need fashion designers.

In recent years, China has been rapidly developing its modeling business. Thus, in this field, there is work for both designers and models. This area is popular among undergraduates who want to be financially independent. The reward for just one photo shoot can be impressive.

Other Perspective Areas

Landscape design is a perspective area due to the growing concern of the Chinese about the environment.

Auditors and insurers are important because the Chinese prefer to work with trusted companies, to calculate financial and other risks themselves. For this, the appropriate specialists are involved in different open conferences.

Logistics is associated with actively developing Internet trade. Delivery both in China and from it requires a large number of qualified workers. There is a huge amount of paperwork, too.

Specialists are also needed in such fields as:

  • project management
  • clinical medicine
  • biotechnology and bioengineering
  • international law.

Final Thoughts

The country's economy is built on a market mechanism. That is why the labor market in China needs professionals with business education to support the relevant processes. Close ties with the global economy require interaction with business partners abroad. 

Searching for new sales markets in all corners of the planet means expanding talents such as economists, managers and marketers with knowledge of several languages. There is also a demand for applicants for humanitarian professions. China isn't focused only on industrialization. The country is actively developing cultural expansion, trying to spread its values ​​around the world.