On average, most people spend a third of their lives lying in bed. And you must be among those who depend on a good night's sleep to function during the day properly. That is why buying a new mattress is a significant investment you'll make for yourself. If picked with proper consideration and care, it can even improve the quality of your life!

Make sure to do complete research before deciding what you want from a mattress before shopping for one. This will assist you in searching and ensuring that the mattress you buy finally meets all your needs. Listed below are some important consideration you need to think about before buying a new mattress:


A comfortable mattress can make a difference in your quality of sleep. If you've been waking up feeling frustrated and exhausted lately, it must be time for you to change to a new mattress. But your perception of comfort can be different from anyone else. For instance, some may prefer a firmer bed that ticks all the boxes, but others might like it softer. 

It will help if you also think about your body type and sleeping position before shopping for a new mattress. Check Newsweek's review on the best mattresses to see which brands and types fit your preferences the best. 


Buying a mattress can be pricey, but you need to keep in mind that that is a substantial investment. After all, having a high-quality bed can last you up to 10 years! That is why you must research to ensure that the mattress you'll have has been made by trusted manufacturers in the industry. 

If the mattress's construction has the best quality, it's more likely that you get the general comfort, support, and longevity that your body deserves. You can pay attention to what you're feeling every morning with your old mattress and start with that.


The most efficient way to see if your chosen mattress is perfect for you is to test it out first. You must take your time, laying on a variety of sleeping positions, to see which one offers the proper support for your weight and height. 

Each mattress is different for each sleeping position. A side sleeper may have different needs from those who like sleeping on their back. Body types also matter; bigger body frames might need a mattress that keeps them from sinking. You can choose a good-looking mattress, but it might be too soft or firm that it'll make you suffer long and sleepless nights. 


If you're sharing the mattress with someone, or you just like tossing around, you need to choose one that provides optimal comfort for both of you. Mattress size may depend on your build and weight, but generally speaking, the bigger the mattress, the less disturbance there is. 

You have to think about the size of your bedroom. Will it fit a king-size? Or will it more likely fit a queen size? It is essential to measure your room first before deciding. Also, it will help if you consider your bed frames; they might be too small or big for your preferred mattress. 


While the primary purpose of a mattress is to be functional, let's face it, aesthetics are more important. Whether you prefer a more contemporary or a classic design, there are a lot of mattress styles that will cater to your tastes. 

If you have sophisticated taste and follow a furniture theme in the room, you might need to consider that too when shopping for mattresses. To add style, you can install decorative headboards to create a dramatic statement in your bedroom. 

Personal Lifestyle

If you sleep with someone and still want to keep intimacy but need to fulfill different lifestyles, adjustable mattresses can be an excellent choice for you. Zipped mattresses and link beds are also a great option if you have different comfort needs.  

There are some popular types of mattresses that can be customized on each side, allowing one person to sit up while the other is lying down. If you like reading before going to bed, you can opt for memory foam mattresses so you won't disturb the person sleeping beside you.

Extra Features

Before buying a new mattress, you should think about the extra features you would want to add to your bed. It can be for extra storage or just the fabric used for your preferred mattress. If you're living with a mobility issue, you can consider having massage features on your new mattress. 

This can provide your body more comfort and help you with mobility. Some electric, adjustable beds allow independent movement for each side, giving you the freedom to move without creative disturbance. 


A mattress is a lifetime worth of investment. That is why you must consider many things before going out to buy one. Think about the things mentioned above and decide on what type of mattress you'll go for.