Finding your dream home isn't about luck; it's more about having a firm vision and reasonable expectations. A few simple steps will ensure that your search is fruitful and not exhaustively long to secure the ideal property.

Make A List

Everybody has a different idea of what their ideal home is; as such, you need to be clear from the start about what is essential and what’s desirable in a new home. All parties need their voices heard, so if you're not buying alone, sit down with everyone and write a list of wants. Then sort the list into essential and desirable features to see where you can make compromises if needed.

Set The Budget

How much you can spend will impact which sort of property you can buy and how realistic that list of needs is. You may find that the saved deposit will give you a loan to buy a house with enough bedrooms in a less desirable neighborhood. You could try to save further for a bigger loan, but monthly repayments must be affordable. A dream home isn’t so dreamy if it leaves you financially crippled, and homes in the USA have risen in price dramatically in recent years.

Find The Perfect Realtor

The best way to find the perfect home is by using your ideal realtor. They will have excellent knowledge of the local housing market, engage with you and your needs, and be proactive in getting relevant viewings. Talk to a few estate agents to see who’s the best fit for you, being sure to check reviews for reputation and sales stats. Once you’ve identified your estate agent, it’s time to get down to business.


Once you have a pre-approved mortgage and a realtor instructed, it's time to start arranging viewings. Looking at listings online is a great starting point but seeing a property in person gives you a real feel for it. Sometimes something that looks amazing online is a dud, but something you may wish to discount from an online description is sometimes the One. Approach viewings with an open mind, and if your real estate agent suggests something you're unsure of, give it the benefit of the doubt.

Make An Offer

Once you find the One, make an offer as soon as possible. In most areas, the housing market is moving fast, making it easy to lose out on a property by waiting a day or two. Your realtor should guide you, using their understanding of the local market, to reduce the risk of this happening. 


Once you’ve had an offer accepted, get property inspections done before money changes hands. They will shed light on structural issues that aren't apparent during viewings. You will have the option to renegotiate the cost should they find anything or even walk away if the damage is more than you're willing to accept.

Your dream home isn’t out of reach, and by following these steps, you should be able to find the right property in which to settle down.