Being in a relationship is the most beautiful feeling ever. But what happens when the emotions are just one-sided? It becomes a painful experience where you can't give up yet, and you can't get your feelings reciprocated either. 

Every relationship has its fair share of difficulties. But if the troubles include him not being interested in you at all, then there are painful days to come. In this guide, we will be taking a look at a few signs that indicate that he doesn't want a relationship with you.  

Does he want to be with you? 

The biggest nightmare for anyone in love is what if their partner stops loving them back? The thought in itself is quite dreadful. However, if in recent times, you are feeling that your potential lover is being aloof or not showing interest in you the way they should, the chances are that he doesn't want a relationship with you.

As harsh as it may seem, we have listed a few signs that will help you understand whether he wants to be with you or not. If that is the case, the best path for you is to be kind to yourself and look for someone who appreciates you for who you are. 

He is easily distracted

The first sign that he doesn't want a relationship with you is his attention while he is with you. 

Do you often find him spaced out or not taking part in the conversation? Does he seem to be mentally anywhere else but here with you? That should speak volumes for itself.

If he were to care for you genuinely, he would be attentive to you, listening to whatever you had to say. Their attention shouldn't be running over the place when being with you. 

He does not talk about the future

One of the most notable signs to show that a person is interested in you is when they keep talking about their future with you. They would be excited to talk about a future where you both are together and living a perfect life. 

However, if he avoids such topics, it is more than enough to understand that he doesn't want a relationship with you.  

You do not know his friends 

People in love tend to show off their partners to their friends. This is a gesture through which they tell the world that they are proud of their partner and are willing to show them off. 

However, if he does not talk about you with his friends or introduce them to you, it is clear he doesn't want a relationship with you and doesn't consider you important enough to introduce you to their friends. 

You can't rely on him

When in love, you would want to rely on your partner and help them too. But if he proves to be unreliable and unsupportive, it is evident that he is just not interested in you. 

The willingness to help the person you love comes naturally. If that is not the case with him, he doesn't want a relationship with you. 

You don't know about his whereabouts 

Another sign that he doesn't want a relationship with you is that you never know what he is up to. He might as well be a mystery that you need to solve. 

When you ask him, he is too casual to answer or just does not say anything at all. Such instances make it clear whether he likes you or not. 

He is not much of an emotional support

A relationship is a bond that you develop on the basis of mental, physical, and emotional support. You would like your partner to be there for you emotionally and physically. 

However, if he just does not give your emotional state any priority, it can be assumed that he is not interested. 

He is overwhelmed by everything 

Everything that happens between you both becomes too much for him. When you ask for his time, or where he was, or how you expect things out of him, he would just hands-down complain of how things are too much for him. 

If he is complaining about everything without giving any inputs himself, it is just another way of him conveying to you that he doesn't want a relationship with you. 

Your presence is negligible in his life 

You being there hardly matters to him. He does not introduce you to anybody in his life; neither does he talk about himself and his life. 

If this is how he is around you, he might really not be interested in you. In such cases, the best thing you can do is end things and move on.

Find yourself the right partner 

Being in love with a person who just does not return your feelings is hard enough. But having to get over them is equally hard. However, do understand that you are a great human being and deserve the same amount of love as much as you give. 

Therefore, the next time you fall in love, make sure you fall in love with someone who loves you and respects you for who you are. Here are some pointers for you on how you can find yourself a better partner:

  • Take your time while falling in love, and do not rush through things. Take things at your own pace, and let things happen naturally. 
  • Make sure he is serious about this relationship. You would not want a person who is there for the sake of it. He should be willing to invest his time and effort, just as much as you.  
  • Spend time with the ones who are worth spending time with.  
  • See if your partner shares the same ideals and values as you. This helps a lot in the long run. Also, it deepens your bond. 
  • Do not attach yourself to people who are bad news. It is easy to be attracted but much harder to recover. 
  • Get comfortable only when you are confident about them. A good relationship will never force you to do things that you don't want to do or are not ready for. 
  • Lastly, self-love is the best love. So take care of yourself! 

Bottom line 

If he doesn't love you, there is nothing much that you can do about it. Love and emotions cannot be forced. In the same manner, no matter what you try, if he doesn't want a relationship with you, no amount of effort can change that. 

Instead of losing yourself in that process, it is best to give up, take a step back, and work towards yourself. Take care of yourself, be conscious of your surroundings, and focus on the things that help bring out the positivity in your life. 

While on that path, the right person will definitely walk by, and you would not have to put in extra effort to show them that you love them. Being with them would be reason enough for both of you to be happy and content. 

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