If you are looking to make some March Madness picks during the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament then you need to have a plan before just betting wildly. Betting on March Madness can be extremely exciting, and you might also find that it’s a great opportunity to win some money when done correctly. 


The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is unpredictable though, and you have to develop a plan to prepare for just how crazy it is going to be. It’s impossible to predict a perfect bracket, but using the following betting tips can help you make some winning picks along the way. 


You don’t have to follow all of the betting tips exactly, but it would be a great idea to keep them in mind when betting on March Madness.


Take Some Upsets

The first major tip to remember when betting on March Madness is that you are going to want to bet on some upsets. This tournament is famous for its historic upsets, and you have to be willing to have the guts to try and bet on some underdogs.


Betting on underdog teams is also a great way to earn a big payout as those odds are always going to be more valuable than simply betting on the favorites in each game. It’s up to you to determine which upsets are going to happen, and that is where doing your research is going to come in.


Make a Futures Bet

NCAA Basketball futures betting is open all year long, but it can be hard to predict which team is going to cut down the nets. You can still make a futures bet once the brackets are revealed, and that’s actually the best time to get that done. 


There are actually a couple of different futures bets that you can make once the brackets are out, and all of them are going to come with a potentially big payout. You can pick the team that will win the championship, or you can just make bets on which teams will win the regionals and get to the Final Four. 


Bet During Live Action

It’s perfectly fine to get most of your wagers in prior to tip-off, but that isn’t the only option that is out there. In fact, the most serious sports bettors would tell you that the best time to bet is during the games. 


Live betting has continued to get more and more popular over the last few years, and you are going to find some great odds if you are following closely. You are going to have to get your bets in quickly though as the odds can disappear in a hurry based on what is taking place in each game. 


Vary Betting Types

Since March Madness is such a big deal, there won’t be any shortage of betting options or opportunities out there to look at. If you are going to be serious about trying to win some money then you have to be willing to take a look at many different betting types. 


Betting against the spread is always a popular bet to make on college basketball, but that can get tricky in March. Sometimes simply betting on the moneyline is a better way to go as teams are simply trying to advance and move on.


You can still put together a parlay when it comes time for March Madness, but remember how hard it can be to win this bet. All of those legs are going to have to hit, and just one upset can ruin it all for you. 

Don’t Look at Your Bracket

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when betting on March Madness is that they tend to bet on what they predicted in their bracket. This is a completely wrong strategy as your bracket will likely get busted, and you don’t want to lose money along with that. 


You have to bet with your mind and not your heart in every situation, but that can be hard to do at times when betting on March Madness. The best strategy to use is to break down each matchup as you normally would with any game and then make the best bet possible based on what you are seeing.