The holiday season brings forth good tidings and opportunity to bond with family. You can implement a traditional or contemporary approach in your custom holiday photo cards. Whether making an invitation or sending season greetings, here are bomb ideas you can try for the ultimate holiday photo card.

Dress up in Matching Clothes

One of the best holidays to create a family photo card is Christmas. For instance, you can all wear Santa clothes and take a family portrait. In the picture, the matching red trousers with a red jacket, complete with the boots, hat, and white beard is an attractive feature. Nobody should be left out. 

Another alternative is to choose a color theme, like a pajama party. You give everyone the freedom to choose the clothes they want to wear as long as it's in line with the idea. If you have pets, you can also include them in the portrait. How amazing would it be to have your Morkie in a red bowtie posing for the photo? A picture of matching holiday socks is also an excellent idea for holiday photo cards.

Funny Family Photos

Do you enjoy doing something goofy together as a family? That would be one of the best pictures to include in your family photo card. For instance, you can make funny faces and capture the moment in a photo. Additionally, you can also implement an unusual family scenario. Perhaps, you can have your family cat holding an open book to seemingly read a story to you as you burst out laughing.

Do an Activity Together

The holiday season is one of the best moments to come together as a family. It allows you to bond, make memories, and even share in life changes that have happened over the years. To better emphasize this, you can take photos doing activities together. These can include decorating the Christmas tree, unboxing gifts, and even preparing delicacies in the kitchen. A Christmas family photoshoot in an unexpected location like the beach wearing Christmas hats is also fun.

Photo Collage Showing Your Family Milestones

Probably, you have not met most of your extended family members over the years. One of the best ways to entice them as an invitation for the holidays is to share with them pictures. You share the joy of pleasant surprises in your family that has been happening over the last months. Additionally, you can customize the holiday card to suit any thoughts that will sync well to your family and loved ones. Maybe you got a promotion at work? Better still, perhaps you got married, and you're expecting your first bundle of joy.

It is up to you to decide the photos you want to accompany your holiday family card. Additionally, you can also opt to have a customized photo book to include more family pictures. Another pleasant surprise to the holiday photo card would be sending a gift as well. It shows how much you care about your loved ones.