It’s a terrible feeling to come back to your home and discover your prized auto is missing. Sadly, auto crime is on the rise. Theft, vandalism, and burglaries are rife both on and off the native lands. But you are not powerless against the car thieves. You can protect your personal property with some simple tips.

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Car Crime and the Native Population

It is well documented that Native people experience crime at a higher rate than the rest of the nation. Along with violent crime, car crime is a huge problem on reservations. Often police are reluctant to confront the auto crime issue and many thefts and cases of vandalism are not investigated. With little support for Native people, there are ways you can take more control over your own possessions and help protect your car from theft.

Here are a few key ways you can lower your risk of auto theft.

1. Buy a Car Tracker

The sad fact of the matter is you cannot ever completely protect your car. Thieves become more sophisticated, and neighborhoods more dangerous. To ensure you have a better chance of retrieving your car should it be taken, install an anti theft gps tracker for car.

The car tracker works through a wireless notification system which will send updates in real time on the location of the car. These systems work via the mobile phone network and therefore function wherever there is a decent signal. Law enforcements are more keen to track down a stolen vehicle when they have the assistance of a tracker.

2. Keep Your Car Keys Safe

Don’t become blasé about your car keys. Surprisingly, one of the most common ways a thief gains access to a car is by using the owner’s keys. Think about when you stop at a gas station and leave the keys on the front seat. Or when you put them on the table in a restaurant. This is a thief’s dream since there is little chance of the vehicle being tracked or found once he has accessed it through the original keys.

In addition to keeping your keys out of sight, protect electronic key fobs from hackers that access the technology to open your car remotely. Store in a metal box or cabinet or use a special key protector that blocks the signal that could be intercepted by a thief.

3. Install a Car Alarm

Car alarms are not used as much as they used to be, particularly since the general public tends to ignore an alarm when it goes off. But this type of protection can still be effective. It may deter an opportunist thief who will get surprised and move on to an easier target. No thief likes to draw attention to themselves.

Ensure that the car alarm is sensitive but not triggered by passing vehicles or loud noises. This will not endear you and your car to your neighbors.

Other ways to protect your vehicle include steering wheel locks, immobilizers, wheel locks, and steps taken to park in secure locations rather than on the street. All of these methods taken together will make your car a tough target for any would-be criminal.