Loans and crypto interest accounts are among the latest trends in the crypto sphere. More and more platforms are appearing that allow you to borrow money against collateral or, on the contrary, to lend it, earning interest. Thus, it becomes easier to make money on your investments. This is not a violation of the law. Reputable platforms carry out operations completely legally and are regulated in the same way that banks are.

The interest rates offered on bitcoin crypto banks are much more profitable compared to traditional banking institutions. In some cases, you can get up to 18%. The interest rate is usually influenced by various factors — which cryptocurrency you hold, in what amount, how long you are ready to block it.

Below are the best of the high-yield options currently available to lenders. All of them allow conducting financial transactions with optimal interest rates, acceptable fees, and security.

  1. Blockfi.
  2. YouHodler.
  3. CoinLoan.

Platform Selection Factors

During the selection process, we consider several key factors that make a normal crypto lending platform the best one:

Bitcoin interest rate

It should be balanced enough to give a good return to the investor and at the same time be profitable for borrowers.

Cryptocurrencies available

Some platforms only allow you to deposit BTC, others - to deposit a few top cryptocurrencies. You can also find those that allow you to deposit ERC-20 tokens, and so on. Keep this in mind when choosing the option that works best for you.


Choose a bitcoin savings account that is serious about securing user funds. After all, there is no point in favorable terms if the site is attacked by a hacker and all investment is lost. Many platforms store funds with third-party custodial companies or with multisig wallets.


It's best to choose platforms that have been working successfully for several years. But often, new services offer much better terms. You need to weigh the risks and try not to invest the amount you would feel sorry to lose in unproven services.

P2P or automatic deposits

In the first case, there is less liquidity, but higher safety, and you can offer your own deposit parameters. The main thing is to find a counteroffer.

Frequency of payments

There are sites that pay interest every day, once a month or at the end of the deposit immediately for the entire term. The choice depends on how you prefer to receive money.

Limits on deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions

Also, pay attention to geographical restrictions. Not all platforms work in all countries, although most do. And more often than not, they will require KYC/AML verification.


Blockfi specializes in providing access to high crypto interest accounts. Initially, the service supported only two currencies. But now you can open a deposit based on BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, GUSD, PAX. The interest rate is up to 8.6% per annum. The rates are adjusted periodically. For example, the service has repeatedly had to reduce them when the demand was much higher than the supply.

Why users choose Blockfi bitcoin interest account:

  1. Gemini, a well-known depository, is responsible for storing assets.
  2. Popular cryptocurrencies and stable coins are available for a deposit.
  3. No minimum or maximum deposit limits.
  4. Investors receive compound interest - that is, new interest is accrued each time not only on the body of the deposit but also on the income earned.

Payments of bitcoin interest are made once a month. Keep in mind that with compound interest, the amount will accrue much faster.


YouHodler allows you to earn up to 12% APR on your cryptocurrency. It is available to deposit in Bitcoin, PAX Gold, USD Coin, True USD, and so on. YouHodler is a member of the Swiss Crypto Valley, one of the best ecosystems in technology.

Why users choose YouHodler crypto interest account:

  1. Low entry threshold ($100).
  2. This bitcoin savings account is one of the few that allows you to earn interest on a BNB token.
  3. The BTC rate is above the market average of 4.8% per annum.
  4. A guaranteed fund of $1,000,000.
  5. Weekly compound interest payments.

Another unique feature of YouHodler is the use of your deposit as collateral for the loan. This allows you to manage your funds more flexibly.


CoinLoan, founded in 2018, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platform based in Estonia.

The platform supports not only secured cryptocurrency loans but also investing for interest. It is distinguished by the support of a large number of cryptocurrencies, the presence of a European license, and a fairly simple process of obtaining a loan.

CoinLoan provides services in all countries of the world while working within the legal framework of the European financial licenses and providing the highest level of security. Identity verification is required to work with the platform. The main features of this bitcoin savings account and its differences from competitors:

  1. The ability to get several loans at once. This is an effective tool for hedging risks in case of a cryptocurrency drop.
  2. Creation of a contract for each loan. This contract can later be submitted to the tax authorities or the bank.
  3. Flexible interest rates are calculated based on market conditions (interest can be either 5% or 20%).
  4. A wide range of coins, stablecoins, and fiat, including rare variants. For example, CoinLoan allows you to use Monero both as a loan currency and as collateral.
  5. A built-in exchange for instant exchange between available assets.
  6. Crypto-to-crypto loans. In particular, you can borrow Bitcoin against Bitcoin collateral. The point of such transactions is to keep your investments while making them work.
  7. The LTV is high enough - 70% with plans to increase it to 80%. Margin Call only occurs when the 90% mark is crossed.
  8. The loan can be repaid at any time without penalty. Choice of repayment method — interest only or the main loan + interest.
  9. Deposits at interest. Money can be transferred in any convenient way, including a bank card.

Why users choose CoinLoan crypto interest account:

  1. No landing fees.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Loans are secured by collateral.
  4. High rate of loan value with a large number of terms available.
  5. Both crypto and fiat loans and credit are available.

Is it worth the risk? Pros and cons of crypto interest accounts

The benefits of Bitcoin deposits are as follows:

  1. Bitcoin is not tied to any bank, there is no center that controls bitcoin. This means that there is no official transfer fee, and transactions are not subject to cancellation. Wallets and exchanges do charge a small fee for bitcoin transactions.
  2. Total anonymity. All you can find out about transactions is the wallet number. While registering your wallet you do not specify your data, so it is anonymous.
  3. Cryptocurrency is limited. The speed of its mining decreases and tends to zero. This means that when all bitcoins will be mined, their price will greatly increase. The sooner you start investing in bitcoin, the better!
  4. The possibility of receiving income from passive investments due to exchange rate growth. Profit is made on the difference of purchase/sale. Bitcoin investing at interest is a good opportunity to earn extra income.
  5. There is no need to spend time and pay attention to actions with cryptocurrency. The amount of income depends on the amount invested. Different purposes allow the investor to withdraw, profit, cash it out, use it at his discretion, reinvest to increase the "body" of the deposit.
  6. Placement of funds at a favorable interest rate. Cryptocurrency exchanges offer quite profitable interest. Profit in annual terms can range from 60% if investing Bitcoin, and up to almost 10% per day when investing in some other electronic currencies (e.g., altcoins).

A drawback of crypto saving accounts

This kind of extra income has its disadvantages. One of the biggest ones is the non-trading risks. The exchange can close at any time, and the depositor loses all invested funds.

Summing Up

All platforms that are centralized and regulated require customer identity verification. This reduces the level of anonymity when working with digital money. At the same time, it protects the user's rights in case of possible loss of money. If you are dealing with large amounts of money, legal protection is crucial for you. Do not disregard it.

We have reviewed just some of the many platforms that allow you to earn interest on crypto. But before you decide to cooperate with them, go directly to the platform's website and study the detailed conditions of working with it. This way, you will minimize possible risks and will have a more complete and objective idea of what exactly you are working with.