A warm welcome sets the tone for an amicable bond!

The theory applies to email subscribers as well. A visitor who shows interest in receiving your business updates surely deserves proper acknowledgment. The new and improved email marketing has enabled brands to send automated welcome emails that are timely, engaging, and scalable. 

Welcome emails receive a 91.43% open rate and up to 74% of subscribers expect a welcome email from the brands they sign up for. These metrics show that welcome emails are not only expected or appreciated but also significantly boost engagement. Welcome email strategy varies from business to business, but one thing that remains unchanged is the focus on personalization for the subscriber! 

By leveraging the latest email template design trends, businesses are trying their best to cast that stellar first impression with welcome emails. We have identified 10 such emails that caught our eyes with either an amazing email template, catchy copy, or thoughtful conceptualization. Read on…

1. Demonstrate what’s in store for them

When a subscriber comes on board, they may have certain expectations from the brand on the kind of content they’ll receive. Chances are that they might seek confirmation on what all there is for them to explore. As a marketer, take this opportunity to list out things and offerings that your brand can provide.


(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email: This welcome email by The New Yorker has 3 clear elements about how their relationship with their subscribers will be. Firstly, they made it clear that they will be sending out emails daily; secondly, they informed the subscribers about their online resource, and lastly, a promotion about the mobile app.

Tip - Be clear with your offerings and say it upfront to your subscribers. If they do not wish to continue after reading it and unsubscribe, you’ll get a clean email list that’s genuinely interested in hearing from you.

2. Trigger the purchase

When you are welcoming a subscriber, be grateful to them for providing you with their personal information and showing interest. You are approaching a lead when they’re likely to get engaged and when clubbed with a special offer, chances are that they will make a purchase.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - TATTLY is known for its state-of-the-art email designs and the one above is no exception. In the Mailchimp email template, Tattly demonstrates its products with imagery and a warm welcome message. To trigger the action, there’s a code for first-time users.

Tip - A concise email design can go a long way. Instead of bombarding them with a lot of information in an introductory email, you can keep it simple with a beneficial offer.

3. Tell your story

Another way to get started is telling your brand story. People, especially the ones who have subscribed to your newsletter, are interested in knowing what you do, how and why you do it, and what impact you leave behind. Frame your first email around your story and send it across to increase awareness and bond.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - This email by LEAF strikes a conversation by letting its subscribers know about how by associating with them, people can think sustainable and buy a Razor that’s not made for single-use plastic. Such emails ensure credible communications and effective marketing.

Tip - Storytelling is a powerful way to entice your first-time reader with a motto that your brand follows.

4. Encourage social media profiles

Once you on-board an email follower, it’s time to utilize this connection to introduce your social profiles. Social proof not only comes with reviews and ratings but also with active social profiles. Show a glimpse of your social media pages and ask them to follow for updates.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About this email - The email by LUSH draws its subscribers’ attention towards the kind of content they will get if they follow them on social media. With store location and website details, it also offers all the social profile icons for a quick glance.

Tip - Email is a great medium to promote other ventures that you might have. With higher open rates, welcome emails can actually help you increase visits on your social pages.

5. Get them started

Whenever you’re offering an opt-in program or a service that needs an account, send an email that shows the progress of the account activation process. This way, your users will be easily redirected to the next step to complete the process with ease.


(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - Oberlo provides a checklist that includes the complete steps and the next ones. The CTA with relevant links makes it easy to proceed with the flow. Make sure to highlight a flow when you on-board a user to take them further.

Tip - To create such email marketing campaigns, ESP provides customizable email templates for your ease. The one in the example above is a Salesforce email template.

6. Explain the usage

Welcome emails can be utilized to provide information on the products or services that need specific demonstration or guidelines. In fact, opening emails is a must in these cases. When you explain the use, you offer actionable solutions that answer their initial questions. 

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - NordVPN’s minimalist email design explains ways to use the service via downloads. It also showcases the benefits and processes with simple text. In addition, the GIF element enhances the email template’s presentation very well.

Tip - Welcome emails need to be catchy and simple at the same time. Make sure to create a HTML email template that renders with different email clients easily.

7. Show the benefits

A user who has just signed up for your emails is eager to know what benefits you can offer. Welcome emails are a great way to elaborately show the benefits of your product/service.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - The email by the medic app Zocdoc smartly emphasizes on each feature that its application can help you with. From booking an appointment, reminders, consultation, and even the reduced wait time, it has mentioned it all. This is a crucial way where you can shine with your offerings.

Tip - Apart from stories, offers, process, and account activation, starting your initial conversation with what you bring on the table is a smart way to win customers via welcome emails.

8. Give them options to explore

A subscriber is likely to invest their time immediately after they’ve opted for it. So if you want to showcase your best-selling products or highlight some services, this is the time. Give them options to explore the myriad of your offerings.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - Riley opts to showcase its products in a very sleek and sophisticated email template. Though the offering of a welcome discount is there, it highlights the array of products the most.

9. Make it special 

Everyone likes to be pampered, especially by a brand that they intend to follow! Personalization in emails is the need of the hour, but if you want to take things further, put in some exclusive, member-only benefits in your welcome emails.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - This email by Famously You has it all. From a special promo code, in-store & online discount, free shipping, exclusive privileges, as well as a disclaimer about how frequently subscribers should expect them in their inboxes. The good part is, in spite of all the information, their email design isn’t cluttered.

10. Simply welcome

Even when you don’t want to send emails with stories, information, or process, acknowledging them with a simple ‘welcome’ can also make a lot of difference. It shows a sense of care and value.


(Source: Really Good Emails)

About the email - The template above by Postable is the perfect example of how you can win hearts with minimal efforts by including a single CTA and an image.

Wrapping Up

With these 10 ways to welcome your email subscribers, you are sure to engage your audience effectively. It’s up to you to decide on what kind of elements to include in your welcome email template, whether it’s multiple elements or a single message, never miss out on sending one! 

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