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This event has been cancelled. Organizers said: "The 50th Anniversary celebration will be rescheduled for a later date." 


American Indian Graduate Center to host 50th Anniversary Gala March 25, 2020

At the start of 2020, American Indian Graduate Center celebrates a significant milestone anniversary – 50 years since their first scholarship was given! The American Indian Graduate Center 50th Anniversary Gala: A Nation of Scholars will be held on March 25, 2020 from 6 to 9 PM at Coasterra Event Center and Harbor Float in San Diego. Buy a ticket or reserve a table in your organization’s name today.

This momentous occasion honoring the organization’s 50-year legacy will bring together hundreds of American Indian Graduate Center alumni and leaders throughout Indian Country. Three prestigious alumni will be inducted into the inaugural American Indian Graduate Center Hall of Fame. The evening will also include performances from the talented community of scholars and alumni, fine dining, a silent auction and the debut of the American Indian Graduate Center founders’ documentary highlighting the work of John Rainer Sr. (Taos Pueblo) and Robert Bennett (Oneida).

“We are so proud of the impact we’ve made and grateful for all who have helped make American Indian Graduate Center a half-century success,” said Angelique Albert (Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes), American Indian Graduate Center Executive Director. “The success of our scholars in college and beyond is an indicator of our success as an organization. Our legacy would not be what it is today without them. With such a positive impact on Indian Country and the nation as a whole, I invite and every one of you to celebrate with us!”

For the past fifty years, American Indian Graduate Center has empowered Native students across the United States. As the largest scholarship provider to Native students in the nation, the legacy American Indian Graduate Center is most proud of is their alumni. When the organization first embarked on this journey, there were only 38 Native lawyers, 15 Native doctoral students, and 30 Native medical doctors. Since then, American Indian Graduate Center has empowered over 1,300 Native lawyers, 1,700 Native PhD’s and 450 Native medical doctors.

“We have been so busy doing the work that we also want to take the time to reflect and celebrate this amazing legacy of leaders and change agents that has grown over the decades,” said Holly Cook Macarro (Red Lake Ojibwe), American Indian Graduate Center Board President. “We also want to take the time to reflect on the partnerships that have helped us blaze this path by shining a light on those organizations who are constantly showing up to serve as allies and advocates on behalf of our students.”

Upon reflection of the past five decades, American Indian Graduate Center’s legacy is massive. As the Center for Native Scholarships, American Indian Graduate Center has awarded $15 million in scholarships annually and more than $200 million since inception. The organization has empowered scholars from over 500 Tribes in all 50 states. They administer over 20 scholarship opportunities, in addition to offering support services that are designed specifically to address the needs of Native students in post-secondary education.

“American Indian Graduate Center was founded as a response to the self- determination era in which many Tribal nations needed to fill critical leadership positions,” Albert said. “Our efforts to fund and support Native graduate students saw that this need was filled. Since then, American Indian Graduate Center has grown to be the leader in the industry. Our vision is to fulfill the unmet need of every Native student and we are determined to make this a reality. Please join us at the 50th Anniversary Gala to commemorate the impact of American Indian Graduate Center and our alumni.”

For more information about American Indian Graduate Center’s 50th Anniversary Gala: A Nation of Scholars, including ticket and table sales, sponsorship information and alumni Hall of Fame nominations, visit AIGCS.org/AIGC50 or contact Sara LaBarge, American Indian Graduate Center Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, at [email protected].

About American Indian Graduate Center American Indian Graduate Center is a national private 501(c)(3) non-profit providing scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate, graduate and professional students throughout the United States. American Indian Graduate Center and American Indian Graduate Center Scholars are the largest scholarship providers to Native students in the United States. They award over $15 million in scholarships annually and have awarded more than $200 million in scholarships since inception. They are proud to empower Native students from over 500 tribes in all 50 states through educational funding and support services. For more information please visit AIGCS.org.

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