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This season's Coppa Italia looks like a very unpredictable tournament: only those teams that are at least fighting for European cups remain in it, and have already proven their strength in the cup competition by eliminating serious opponents. There are absolutely no unexpected upstarts in this drawing: accordingly, the bookmakers do not name an obvious favorite, assuming that the struggle will be desperate and uncompromising.


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Juventus – 2.3


The times when the Zebras were the undisputed hegemon in Italian football are already over, but they are still a very strong club that will make any opponent in Europe respect them. Last season, however, did not work out at all – the Turin team covered themselves in shame, taking 7th place in Serie A and not qualifying for European competition. Now things are going better – there is a significant gap from the leading Inter and an intense struggle with Milan, but Allegri’s team is unlikely to fall below third position.


Juventus' path to the semi-finals was relatively easy, without any formidable opponents, but no one doubts that the club from Turin is strong. Now we will have to knock out strong Lazio – hence the lack of obvious favoritism of the Turin team. Italian semi-finals involve a two-game confrontation, which is always in favor of the favorite (serious mistakes can be made in one match), therefore the team that is not involved in European competitions only needs to correctly distribute forces between the championship and the Cup.


Atalanta – 3.5


The Bergamascos are already a good ten points behind Juventus, but are still fourth in the Champions League zone. From here there are two conclusions at once: on the one hand, such a team cannot be considered weak, on the other hand, there is no large handicap over the pursuers, therefore it is natural that the club can prioritize in favor of Serie A. In addition, Atalanta also participates in European cups – the group wins The LE allowed her not to participate in the 1/16, but she must start in the 1/8.


What gives optimism in expectations from Atalanta if everything is so difficult? This fact that the Cup semi-final is only in April; Until then, the Bergamasques may be relegated from the League of Legends, and the situation in Serie A may become more encouraging. Actually, at the previous stage, the club from Bergamo knocked Milan out of the cup competitions – was it really in order to now be eliminated by Fiorentina?


Lazio – 4.5


The Romans managed to get Serie A silver last season, and for a club that many consider God knows how great, this is a lot. Judge for yourself: before this, in more than a hundred years of history, this happened only six times, and Lazio managed to jump even higher, winning the championship, only twice. Therefore, there is no doubt that the team is now approximately at the peak of its capabilities.


In Serie A, Lazio is desperately fighting to get into at least some European competitions - with a minimal gap between the opponents, the tournament situation changes after each round. The reason for this fall is an additional front: in the fall, the Romans performed well in the Champions League, finishing second in the group and making it to the playoffs. True, this will not interfere with the cup performances: no matter how weak Bayern may seem now, namely, it fell to the Italians in the 1/8, the Germans are considered the obvious favorite of the confrontation.


It is not a fact that Lazio will make it to the European Cup next season through the championship, but winning the Cup gives a ticket to the League of Legends. Even if the opponent for the semi-final is Juventus, let’s not forget that in the quarter-finals the sworn enemy in the person of Roma was eliminated, and it is unlikely that this task would have been much easier.


Fiorentina – 5.5


If you look at the Serie A standings, Fiorentina is roughly level with Lazio. The Violets' claims to the Cup are confirmed by the fact that they managed to knock out a serious rival in the person of Bologna from the current competition. Their opponent for the quarterfinals, Atalanta, still looks more passable than Juventus for the Romans. So why are the chances of the team from Florence rated lower?


The reason is participation in European cups. Last season, Fiorentina finished a lowly eighth place in Serie A, but made it into the Conference League thanks to reaching the domestic cup final. This season, a European Cup ticket through the championship is again by no means guaranteed – you need to prove yourself in cup competitions. But now the Conference League and Coppa Italia can interfere with each other!


Having made it straight into the 1/8 of the LC (bypassing the 1/16), Fiorentina is considered by bookmakers to be the second most likely contender for the title - this means that it may well remain in the draw until April, when the semi-final matches of the domestic cup will take place. That is why bookmakers assume that the Violets will deliberately sacrifice the cup tournament or simply cannot withstand the fight on three fronts.


Our forecast


Given the absence of any European Cup matches and their position in Serie A, Juventus look like the most likely winner of the Coppa Italia. Before the April matches, the club from Turin, with due diligence, will have time to finally guarantee itself a place in the top three, or even “unhook” Milan. The prospects of the remaining participants depend heavily on how events develop in their games between now and April.