Burial insurance ensures that your loved ones don't have to bear the burden of heavy funeral expenses on your demise. The size of your funeral and the type of funeral you choose to have will impact the cost of your burial insurance policy. Studies show that people are now choosing more environmentally friendly burial and cremation options to reduce environmental damage and costs. 

According to insurance expert Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expense, more people show interest in options like "green burial" and details like "mushroom burial suit cost" in the insurance world.  Reports by the NFDA show that over 51% of US citizens prefer eco-friendly funeral and burial options.

Green Burial – Explained

Green burial, natural burial, or eco-friendly burial is a burial that does not use traditional embalming methods. Embalming liquids, metal coffins, or other coffins made of non-degradable material are avoided. Green burials are designed to minimize environmental damage, pollution and carbon footprints. The person can arrange the burial at any specific location of their choice. 

People who choose green burial options will also have to inform the insurance company of any ceremony preferences and burial material preferences. The burial is done using unique green burial caskets made of wood, bamboo, or other organic material. They also involve zero use of chemicals. 

Legal Status of Green Burials

 Each state may have its guidelines for conducting eco-friendly burials. The burial can even be done without a casket. Several people choose home burials over cemetery burials. Surveys show that people are showing interest in options like a mushroom burial suit which is an organic burial option. 

The demised person's body is enveloped in cotton clothes with mushroom spores into them. Green burials are carried out in:

  • Burial Grounds: these are specified areas of land that are dedicated to green burials. These grounds are usually registered as green burial grounds.
  • Conservation Cemeteries: Conservation cemeteries are set up in lands that are marked for environmental protection. Such land cannot be purchased, sold, or developed. 
  • Cemeteries: Some traditional cemeteries may also have specific area allotments for green burials. 

Reasons to Choose Green Burial

According to the NFDA, the cost of a burial in the US could amount to $8500. This amount may not include certain aspects like the cost of flowers, ornaments, burials plots, etc. Traditional burials are also toxic for the environment. Burials are typically carried out after embalming the body with chemicals. These chemicals could pollute nearby water sources. They could also affect the soil structure. 

Cost-Efficient Burial Option

The cost of a green burial would vary based on the specifications given. According to insurance expert Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expense, the mushroom burial suit cost and other green burial options typically do not exceed $4000. This cost includes the cost of the burial plot. 

If the applicant chooses a gravesite, the site may cost anywhere between $200 and $1000. It becomes evident that the cost of a green burial is considerably lower than the cost of traditional burial options. People who choose green burials can avoid unnecessary expenses that surround standard burials. 

Environmentally Friendly Burial Option

Over 3.5 million deaths occur in the United States every year. Around 53% of people choose burials over cremations. Green burials don't impact the environment negatively. The organic material used for encasing or wrapping the body is biodegradable. 

A considerable amount of steel, metal, and other fuel is used for traditional burials. Traditional burials are also energy-intensive and have a significant negative impact on the environment. The chemicals and metals used for natural burials can alter the soil's natural properties and composition and pollute groundwater.

Studies show that other options like cremation are responsible for releasing over 6.8 million metric tons of carbon every year. Cremation is also responsible for carbon monoxide emissions. By choosing green burial options, you avoid all possible chances of environmental degradation resulting from your demise. 

Green burial options are environmentally friendly since it facilitates energy release into the soil. The natural energy released from an organic burial enriches the soil and makes it nutrient-rich for plants and trees. Several natural burial organizations also encourage people to plant a tree over the space where their loved one is buried. People may also choose green burials for spiritual reasons.

Choose Green Burial Options

There are around 287 green burial cemeteries registered in the US. You can find green burial options in every state. Before you choose a green burial scheme, it is essential to know and define your specific requirements. Surveys and reports show that the demand for green burial options like a mushroom burial suit is expected to increase.