In its 5th Week, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is marching through the first half of its regular season. It launched last December 22, 2020, a few months after the Los Angeles Lakers got hailed as the newest champion. They turned down the Miami Heat from the Eastern Conference in a 4-2 game series. 

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As this event is nearing the end of the first segments, the NBA has identified the top favorites, huge comebacks, and the dogs for this season. Remember that thirty teams are representing both the Eastern and the Western Conference. The NBA is holding 72-ball games throughout the season, which is ten games fewer than last year. 

While the first half of the regular season is currently in motion, it's time to check how each team stands in their respective conference. Let's take a look at the Western side in today's NBA odds ranking here based on their winning percentage. 

LA Lakers 

Hoping to earn the NBA rings twice in a row, the Los Angeles Lakers secures the Western Conference's top seed. They presently earned fourteen wins and four losses. In their last game a few days ago, they defeated the Cavaliers in a 155-108 game slate. They will go up against the Boston Celtics in a few days. 

Utah Jazz 

Led by Quin Snyder, the Utah Jazz have had a good ride in the first segment of the NBA regular season. This team had their last Division title in 2017 and a Conference Cup in 1998. It is worth noting that they failed to appear in the play-ins last season. Today, they currently gained thirteen victories and four losses, which lies next to the Lakers.

Los Angeles Clippers 

The Los Angeles Clippers wrestled with the Denver Nuggets last season in the Conference semifinals but failed to make it. As Tyron Lue continues to be the team's head coach, the LA Clippers are hustling hard in the Western seeding. Presently, they garnered thirteen wins and five losses.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets were held responsible for the Clippers upset in reaching the Conference Finals last year. This team faced the LA Lakers instead, which was later hailed as the champions. In today's season, the Nuggets have earned ten wins and seven losses. In the next few days, they'll go up against the Miami Heat. 

Portland Trail Blazers 

Currently earning nine wins and seven losses, the Portland Trail Blazers occupy the 5th seed in the Western side. They got a bad position last year during the play-ins after getting dispatched by the LA Lakers. Headed by Terry Stotts, the Trail Blazers had their last Divisional title in 2018. On Friday, they will go up against the Houston Rockets.

Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies are one of the underdog teams looking for a better season in the NBA today. They currently occupy 6th place in the Western Conference seeding with seven wins and six losses. Since their foundation in 1995 and a team name change in 2001, the team has not won any Division and Conference titles. Who knows, this might be their lucky year if they win more games as the season progresses. 

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns failed to make it into the play-ins last season. As they got Chris Paul today to help the team vie for the NBA title, it seems that this group is heading towards a brighter road. Although the Nuggets defeated them in their latest game, they aim to win back as they face the Thunders this weekend. The Suns are at the 7th seed with eight wins and seven losses.

Golden State Warriors

Garnering nine wins and eight losses, the Golden State Warriors occupy 8th place in the Western Conference odds ranking today. They got their last Conference titles in 2019 but failed to defend it last year. Last week, the Warriors dispatched the Timberwolves in a 130-108 game run, and they are up for a rematch today.

San Antonio Spurs 

The San Antonio Spurs are at nine wins and eight losses, which presently occupies the 9th seed in the Western Conference. This team is in continuous search for their momentum in the play-ins, which escaped them since 2017. 

Dallas Mavericks 

Completing the top ten best teams in the Western Conference in the Week 5 NBA odds ranking is the Dallas Mavericks. They earned eight wins and nine defeats after the Nuggets turned them down in their latest game. In the next few days, they'll face the Utah Jazz, another strong team in the league. 


The Western Conference in the NBA has the defending champions on their side. Added up by top-performing teams last year, it seems that this group won't let their rivals dominate the team. Make sure to be guided with these teams as the season moves forward to find out who can make it to the play-ins.