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When it comes to travel visas, getting one is not easy, especially for Europe and America. The visa application is a tedious process that involves a lot of hassle. However, being a citizen of the Philippines, you can easily get a visa to many countries.

Many countries easily grant a visa to Filipinos. For some countries, you need to get a visa before arrival and for others, the visa can be obtained upon arrival. Some countries require minimal documents and visa fees for Filipinos. Here is a list of countries that have surprisingly easy visa applications for Filipinos. 

1. Japan:

Japan has gradually relaxed its visa requirements for the citizens of the Philippines. Based on the experiences of many Filipinos, entry to Japan is easier than other foreign countries. You are only required to prepare a few basic documents to prove your identity, source of regular income, residence in the Philippines, and proof that you will return to your country after your trip. You can get a single entry visa to Japan for up to 15 days but you can also request for up to ninety days visa. You can also get a multi-entry visa if you are lucky. Visit Japan embassy in Philippines or browse over to https://www.japan-visa.net/ to get specific details about visiting Japan. 

2. China:

Any typical working Filipino can easily apply for the visa of China as the country has straight forward requirements for visa application. You rarely hear about the denial of Chinese visas for Filipinos as it is one of the generous countries that grant visas easily when the basic requirements are fulfilled. Also, the rate of visa denial is not as high as in the Australian or US visa applications. 

3. Korea:

Korea is located next to Japan and it is also one of the countries with the easy visa application process for Filipinos. The visa processing requires typically five working days and the visa requirements are also simple and reasonable. What’s more, you can get a 59-day visa for free. After your visit to Korea, you can also apply for a multiple-entry visa for free. Again, you should visit the Korean embassy in the Philippines or the embassy’s website to get updates. 

4. New Zealand:

Visa application for New Zealand is relatively easier as compared to other non-Asian countries. You can get a visa for up to 59 days and the visa fee is also fractional. The requirements for the visa application are similar to any other visa application. It is best to buy a roundtrip ticket to New Zealand as there are high chances that you will be required to show a return ticket before leaving the Philippines. However, it is optional to show a roundtrip ticket according to New Zealand’s website. After five working days, you can claim your visa. 

5. Russia:

You may think that it is difficult to obtain a travel visa for Russia because it is a part of both European and Asian continents. But the fact is, the visa application process is easily doable and not complicated at all. You need to prepare a few documents, pay the visa fee, and wait for at most two weeks to obtain the visa. Moreover, most Filipino travelers don’t need to undergo an interview.