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Max Polyakov, whose works on revolutionizing the space industry have been recognized internationally, has acquired Dragonfly Aerospace. Dragonfly Aerospace is a space company with a history spanning two decades in manufacturing high-performance imaging satellites and payloads. Dragonfly Aerospace has become an essential part of Polyakov and Noosphere Investment Venture's integrated space ecosystem following this acquisition. Noosphere Ventures also has other companies under its portfolio, including the manufacturer of electric thruster systems for spacecraft SETS, the satellite data and analytics company EOSDA (EOS Data Analytics), and the affordable space launch provider Firefly Aerospace.

This deal will provide the space entrepreneur with a significant advantage in the competitive small satellite technology market. Currently, Polyakov is planning to manufacture 48 custom satellites annually. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed yet.

Another plan that the entrepreneur wants to execute is to open up production sites in Europe and the United States. As of now, some of Polyakov’s companies, EOSDA in particular, have an R&D center located in Dnipro (Ukraine). 

According to the article, it has been stated that Dragonfly Aerospace will work very closely with Firefly Aerospace. The plan is for the satellites to be launched on the latter’s Alpha rocket soon. It is planned that Dragonfly will be a source of profit for Firefly by providing a steady stream of orders.

Max Polyakov commented that this acquisition would allow them to bring everything 'in-house'. Dragonfly Aerospace has joined Noosphere's portfolio and become a part of its vertically integrated space business. 

Who Is Max Polyakov?

Max Polyakov is an international IT and space technology entrepreneur. He is also a known economist. Max is a managing partner at Noosphere Ventures Investment Fund and has founded several profitable companies like Space Electric Thruster Systems (SETS), EOS Data Analytics, and Firefly Aerospace. Max is a follower of the principles of Volodymyr Vernadsky that emphasize the key role of knowledge in the further development of humanity. Polyakov has written more than 20 scientific articles and is a co-author of 11 registered patents.