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Compared to regular currency, cryptocurrency has several benefits, including the ability to move money extremely immediately and for a small fraction of the cost. Many users purchase their coins on a cryptocurrency exchange before transferring them to a decentralized wallet for daily usage or an offline storage option like a hardware wallet for security. If you are interested in crypto investment, you may also check about Bitcoin and Fiat Money

In any case, you will be issued a recovery, or seed, phrase of between 12 and 24 words that serves as your private key enabling you to recover your cryptocurrency in the event that you misplace your wallet. It's crucial that you retain a record of these words in a safe location since they make up a mnemonic phrase that is the only thing preventing you from losing your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Putting It on A Pen and Paper

You will receive a card when you purchase a hardware wallet like the Ledger or Trezor that is intended to be used to record your seed phrase. This is due to the fact that writing it down will likely be the first action you do to preserve a record of it right away. However, using this approach long-term has risks.

Dividing Your Seed Phrase

Whether it is 12, or 24 words, someone trying to steal your bitcoin using your seed phrase requires the entire thing. You might want to think about dividing it up and keeping each piece in a different area because having part of it is useless to anyone.

Then, you may rest easy knowing that your cryptocurrency is protected if any of these components end up in the wrong hands. In order to make your term worthless to any cybercriminal who stumbled across it, you might jot down half of it on a piece of paper and save the other half online.

By Memorising Your Seed Phrase

You could believe it to be rather safe if your crypto recovery phrase just lives in your thoughts. The most apparent risk is forgetting it, but there are several more to be aware of. There are methods to aid with memory, such as the link technique, or several mnemonic patterns, however, none of them is 100% effective.

Assistance For Recovering seed Phrases

Many businesses offer to safely keep your recovery seed for a charge, which may first appear alluring. After all, you are no longer responsible for it but it might not exactly work out. Your phrase may be stored by the provider, but there is no assurance that it will be done so securely.

Metal Tablet

For many cryptocurrency investors, the solution might be a metal seed phrase. It offers a far more reliable means to keep your seed phrase stored and can guard against fire, water, or any other occurrences that might ruin a paper record. However, metal tablets are susceptible to theft, so it's imperative that you keep yours out of sight of others. A lockable tablet is one of the security features offered by several products on the market. Although a padlock won't discourage a committed robber, it could deter an opportunity seeker.

Making Use Of A Book's Pages

This technique uses memory as well as literature to produce a secret duplicate of your seed phrase. Select a book, then search the pages for the words that make up your seed phrase. But as I've already shown, recalling the facts is not the most dependable method of protecting this crucial information.


For each individual, cryptocurrency has a different seed phrase. So, in order to keep your crypto holdings in your possession, you would need to keep your seed phrases by using one of the aforementioned methods or by combining them.