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Choosing a profession to build your career in it is not an easy task. Before taking any final decision, sound knowledge regarding that field is significant to avoid any regrets. Sometimes students pick the profession with no information related to job opportunities, pay-scale, working environment, etc. That ultimately lands them in trouble. Hence, take the decision wisely after having a clear idea and vision about that specific field. People who are interested in running their business opt for the BBA or MBA degree. However, those who hold feelings for art and music go for the media sciences.

Boy Getting A Vaccine

Likewise, suppose you want to become a humanitarian and serve the nation. In that case, a nursing career is the best option to go. No doubt, this degree is gaining popularity among the youngsters because of uncountable benefits. It allows people to help and plays a vital role in making a better, healthy, and safe environment. Talking about the perks of this degree are too many to count. It includes job satisfaction rates, higher earnings, flexible working hours, career advancement, etc. In short, it allows the nurses to apply their expertise in various healthcare sectors. According to the BLS, the demand for nurses is increasing day by day. However, the job rate for registered nurses will increase by 12% by 2028. Meanwhile, the average RNs earn almost $72,000 a year. 

After getting a bachelor's degree in nursing, one can also go for higher studies. But a few protocols like a license to practice as a nurse practitioner is mandatory. However, nurses can also perform advanced practice roles by doing a masters' degree. Several universities are offering BSN to masters in nursing online at affordable fee structures. By doing so, one can have a chance of high earning potential. Meanwhile, nurses will also develop valuable clinical skills while completing course classes.

Are you interested in applying for this field? If yes, then give this article a must-read. Here, we will highlight all the necessary reasons that convince you to make your career in this profession. So, without exaggerating it further, let's discuss these points in detail.

  1. Job Satisfaction

A very few people know that it is one of the highest-earning professions. Almost 94% of the graduates get the job within six months of their degree completion. As per the survey conducted in 2017 from AMN healthcare, two-thirds of other nurses convince other people to opt for this profession due to job satisfaction. So, while making a decision, one can ponder this reason in mind.

  1. Astounding Career Mobility

The great thing about this profession is the variety of workplaces to serve. That means a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner can work in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and many more. They can work as a frontline health worker in trauma care. However, their role has also extended to the public health or community setting. Well, those who want to serve in the legal organization can work as a nurse consultant. Meanwhile, if you are interested in teaching, then play your role as an educator in any nursing school, etc. In other words, the list of career advancements is endless.

  1. The passion of Bringing a Positive Change in Someone' Life

If you feel for people and understand their pains and worries, then it is the degree for you. The nursing profession entitles you to bring a light of hope to people's lives and make them happy, healthy, and mentally fit. No matter in which facility you work, either in a hospital or rehabilitation center. In both areas, you can get a definite yet positive change in someone's life.

  1. Apply for the Specialization

It is normal to work as a registered nurse in any hospital or clinic. But it is the profession that offers you to specialize in various sub-fields. People having a bachelor's degree in nursing can go for a specialization in their field of interest. Here, one can serve as an infant nurse, midwife, or neonatal nurse, etc. So, opt for your desired sub-field wisely and get a master's degree in it for further specialization.

  1. Respectable and Noble Profession

As discussed above, it is one of the respectable professions among the other careers like a business, media, etc. A survey conducted by the Varkey Foundation in 2018 states nursing is at the sixth position of being the respectable profession in the world. Therefore, it is one of the main reasons to choose this field as a professional career. No doubt, the way these nurses work selflessly, day and night, is commendable. They are not only passionate about their work but determined and concerned about their patient's health. That is why this profession has gained immense respect and recognition in the world.

  1. Provides Financial Aid

Another reason to opt for this field is the financial aid opportunities. Yes, you heard it right. Students who are worried about the expenses of their degree program should no longer worry about it. They can take help from financial and scholarship programs. Meanwhile, they can also look for the funds provided by the various schools, colleges, and universities, etc. In this way, completing a nursing degree is possible with no financial issues.

  1. Higher Earning Chances with Lots of Benefits

Are you still confused and not able to make up your mind? If yes, then know that it is one of the highest-paid professions. According to the BLS, the licensed nurses in 2017 were getting salary equaled to $450130. However, anesthetic nurses or midwives were earning $110,000. Despite monthly income, the nursing jobs also provide insurance packages and retirement benefits.



Selecting a degree to make your career in it entirely depends upon one's interest and passion. At the same time, the love and enthusiasm to serve humanity call to pursue a nursing career. That gives various job opportunities, career advancement chances, a high pay scale, and much more. So, whenever you are going to take the final steps, consider all the above reasons.